23-year-old rising singer and songwriter, Emma Taylor just dropped an incredibly honest new song, “Made Your Bed.” The self-proclaimed “sad girl” applies her 70’s musical influences to the new track and knocks it out of the park. By applying her melodies and personal touch, Emma looks to captivate and connect with fans all around the world by creating a space of emotional vulnerability within her music.

Born around the Los Angeles area, Emma naturally found an interest in music as she says she’s been singing for as long as she can remember. As a young singer and songwriter, she is typically found writing about “20-year-old-stuff: love, confusion, and finding yourself…” With her soft approach, Emma Taylor can easily connect with just about any music listener.

Her new song “Made Your Bed” tells a story of a one-sided relationship filled with isolation and disappointment. She says “you made your bed… so lay in it…you had your choice…so stick with it.” As a relatable track to many, be sure to give the song a listen below and stay tuned for more music from the rising star. This somber hit is sure to carry you into her next prominent release.

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