Mantis Extracts truly embraced the cannabis concentrate culture. Mantis Extracts is one of the most visible cannabis processors in the state and creators of fantastic products. They partnered with app developer Webonyx to create the Errl’s Dab Timer smartphone application for your low temp dabbing needs. This is the first app of its time and it serves a simple purpose, timing the cooldown of your nail.

Mantis is the biggest consumers of their products and through the years, it’s become apparent that low-temperature dabbing is the best practice for most styles of conentrates, especially if there is a high terpene content. Unless you’re dabbing pure THCA, high-temperature dabs will burn the terpenes and create harsh flavors. Mantis created Errl’s Dab Timer as a tool to spread knowledge about the importance of low-temperature dabbing while giving you a tool to enact this knowledge.

The dab timer features a simple display that increases and decreases the time by five-second intervals and a start and stop button. There are a few different setting including sound and volume levels. I recommend leaving the sound on to hear the dab rig bubbling sound effects that ring once the timer reaches zero.

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Quick Low Temp Dabbing Guide

  1. Gather your tools: Dab tool, dab rig, quartz nail (banger), carb cap, torch, concentrates
  2. Download Errl’s Dab Timer (links below)
  3. Preset dab timer (40-1:20 depending on the thickness of your nail)
  4. Heat up your quartz banger until the bottom is red/orange
  5. Start your dab timer
  6. Scoop your dab while the timer is going
  7. Once the timer goes off, drop your dab in the nail, and scrape off the remains
  8. Place the carb cap on the nail and inhale
  9. Twist carb cab clockwise and counterclockwise while inhaling
  10. Pull cab to carb and clear the rig of smoke
  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 until dab is gone or until you’re satisfied
  12. Clean nail with q-tips to keep nail crispy and clean

The length of time your nail needs to cool down depends on the thickness of the nail and user preference. If you do large dabs you’ll need the nail to be a bit hotter than if you do smaller dabs, and vice-versa. It will probably take a few tries to nail the time of your nail, so don’t worry if you scorch some oil on your first few tries, it happens to the best of use.

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