If you’re not from Seattle or maybe you don’t frequent the city too often, how do you have a great night after hitting up a local show or concert? Without knowing the good restaurants around the venue, the night usually ends once the show is over right?  Not anymore! I’ve put together some tips to make the most of your night out on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Getting To The Hill

Being a Seattleite, I’ve never been interested in getting my license. Public transportation is an easy way to get around, and there are plenty of bus stops right around Neumos. If you don’t know how to use public transportation, I am willing to guide you through your first adventure.

If you must drive be prepared to spend a while looking for parking. Try looking around Cal Anderson Park (also a great place to kill time), or up on 13th – 15th. It requires a little bit more walking, but less stress for parking. Be wary that you have to pay to park on the Hill until 8pm.

Getting Pumped Up

Whenever I go to a show I need a little pick me up before hand. I always hit up a local coffee joint. About 30 steps from Neumos’ front door is Caffe Vita. I recommend getting a small cold brew or a shot of espresso with a soda water to cleanse your palette afterward.

To put this into a timeline for you, I’m usually getting my coffee around 6 o’ clock. That way I still fall asleep later but I’m perky for the entire show. The night can either go one of two ways from here. If you’re a drinker or foodie take route A, if you’re a stoner roll up route B.

Route A

When people say they’re going to Capitol Hill, they mean Broadway, Pike, and Pine. That area is full of fantastic places to get some grub or drink. Before a show at Neumos, I like to hit up Bimbos Cantina for some fresh tacos and tequila. Conveniently next to Caffe Vita, they have a cheap happy hour from 3-7pm every day. Quick food and strong drinks, it’s really hard to beat.

If you’re less enthusiastic about Mexican food as I am, don’t fret. Capitol Hill boasts restaurants of all different types within walking distance from each other. Even Neumos has a tasty Caribbean joint called Paseo’s that took over the little area that used to be Pike Street Fish Fry.

Route B

Stoners, unfortunately, need to plan ahead before going up the Hill. There are some weed stores pretty close by but they are definitely out of the way. Ruckus Recreational Cannabis is located just a few minutes away at the corner of 15th Ave E & E Republican St.

When going out to a concert, unless you have chronic pain, get a potent sativa. Nobody wants to be yawning halfway through a performer’s set. I usually pre-roll something citrusy like Super Lemon Haze, or Durban Poison. Since smoking weed is illegal in public, sometimes it’s easier to eat an edible beforehand and can also be discretely carried with you throughout the night.

Doors Open

Doors usually open up at Neumos around 8pm. I generally like to get checked in around that time just so I have my stamp for the evening and can come and go as I please. Make sure you have your ticket in hand or pulled up on your phone with your ID ready to show. If you have will call tickets, stop by the box office with your ID and they’ll get your ticket. You still need to get a stamp from the door or bar if the show is all ages.Image result for neumos seattle remodel

Usually, the openers will start around 9pm. After each set is usually a 10-15 min intermission, which is great for any cigarette smokers to pop outside. This is a great time to hit the bar for a drink or use the bathroom.

Getting Home From Capitol Hill

I’ve noticed lately that a typical club show won’t go much later than midnight. Perfect for bus riders like myself to go catch the last bus headed north from Seattle. If you drive, make sure to hit up one of the food carts before you head home for an iconic hot dog smothered in cream cheese and onions. If you are under the influence of anything PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE! Call a cab, call a friend, take an Uber or a Lyft.

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