Famous Oceann and Kung Fu have come together to drop the music video for their song “Savage.” Based out of Atlanta, they are easily one of the most talked about up and coming artists from the region. One of the most interesting facts about them is that they are sisters, yet they have their own hard-hitting authentic sound.

They don’t waste any time with their song “Savage”, as their creative rhyme schemes and punchy lyrics are the main highlight of the track. The light repetitive piano lead also accents this quality. Although, the booming 808’s on the bottom of the track fully drive the song.

Unlike other artists from their region who base their vocals off catchy lyrics and hooks, they instead bring a large set of bars to the table. Their hard yet infectious delivery is memorable throughout all parts of the track.

Over the years, the Atlanta area has been a central region of booming artists within hip-hop. Throughout all different eras of music, the area has consistently brought the hottest hip-hop artists into the limelight. For Famous Oceann and Kung Fu, there is no question that they’re next up.


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