We all have those moments where we are killing time on Instagram looking for inspiration, a new hobby or something to help pass the time.

I know I am always looking for something to do over the weekend, an outfit to buy, motivation to work out or even just browsing through new music. Thankfully, we can turn to the likes of social media and other sites to help us.

Here’s my list of the people I turn to on Instagram!

Shakyra222 – Her page is full of feel-good quotes, fashion inspiration, music, and events. She has promo codes listed for iHeart Raves, Yourlamode and Vibedration but also reps Midnight Raver Clothing and Damascus.


Taylerrrae – Is one gorgeous girl who models for iHeart Raves and Midnight Raver Clothing. Check out her profile for fashion ideas, butts, events, cannabis and the outdoors.


sautrah – Is an artist out of Boise who’s got a dark side. Her profile is a smorgasbord of everything but I go to her page for music, art, and fashion.


akomadub – Is an up and coming DJ who has a huge following paying close attention to her daily moves. Her page is full of dubstep, her pom, fashion, and food.

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Every now and then I'll wear something cute

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sir_kutz – A resident DJ for Foundation Nightclub, his profile is another great source for hot new music. I also follow him for his sense of humor and dog pics.

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Dis wan is 🔥🔥🔥

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levitate.mp3 – A producer out of Seattle, his page is also one of my favorite places to go for music. He also posts about upcoming gigs and drops the occasional artsy photo.


djsharpsmusic – Is another producer out of Seattle with a lot to show. His page is full of music, events, and his travels. I really enjoy how much he mixes his content up between promotion and everything else.


uvflow – Is an Emazing Lights sponsored glover with a huge following. His page is full of light shows, art, music, and memes.

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