Finesu has been around Seattle for a few years now. Owned by two young hustlers, the brand is far beyond the beginning of establishing their roots. They currently are gaining traction to take things to the next level. The two co-owners plan to do everything in their power to make sure their creative expression makes it on the products they desire. Plus they would love to get their stuff in the hands of the people that appreciate what they do.

Keep an eye on these guys as they go forward, they’re just warming up! To find out more behind Finesu, read the interview below and follow their Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest releases.

RMR Interviews Finesu

Respect My Region: Who are you?

Braydon Witte: Me, Braydon Witte and my partner Anthony Reyes. We’re essentially the co-owners of the brand. Anthony does a lot of the networking and social media presence and I do a lot more of the backend work, like getting all the clothing made. Website made. Editing our photos, just a lot of stuff that goes into what everyone is seeing. We’re still in a very early stage.

RMR: Where are you from? How did you come up with Finesu?

BW: Originally from Eastern Washington, a little country town. Then moved to Redmond, Washington. Been here for 10 years. Anthony is from Atlanta and we met through skateboarding. We both wanted to start a streetwear brand and we both found something that we liked and went with it. We first started reaching out to skate friends to wear our stuff to get it known out here.

RMR: When did it first start?

BW: I was just looking last night, I thought we’ve been doing it for one year, but it’s actually been since 2016. I don’t think we really established ourselves until a year ago though.

RMR: What inspired you to start your own streetwear company?

BW: I’ve been inspired for years, it’s a culture that I’ve been into and about. I’ve been into buying hype pieces such as Supreme, Palace, Bape and all those other brands out there and I’ve really got into streetwear fashion and I want to start making my shit. I make my own designs and do artwork on the side and I wanted to wear my own art and make my designs come to life.


Photo via @finesuco

RMR: What makes Finesu unique in comparison to other streetwear brands?

BW: Not many brands are run by people our age. They’re all ran by older people that have money. It just seems that they’re out there trying to push a product. What sets us apart is my background in art and graphic design and skateboarding. Anthony and I are both from small towns, we also have big goals and our ideas flow together. I think our shit is going to be different than a lot of brands.

RMR: Social media plays a big role in today’s society and in business. How have you utilized social media to help develop your brand?

BW: We have all the main social media platforms that everyone uses. We have our own commerce website. We’re staying relevant through those platforms. We’re using it to our advantage by going after the skateboard scene by getting them to get out and ride in out clothes. My friend from Atlanta knows rappers out there so he gets them all situated. We know the owner from Alive & Well from the skate scene and he reached out and wanted us to do a pop up not too long ago, he saw what we were doing and appreciated the efforts.

RMR: What is your favorite streetwear brand or company outside of your own?

BW: I really like Kith right now. Kith is sick, I like what they’re doing. They’re branding themselves with Kith treats. They’re packaging is dope. I’m trying to take different little aspects from everyone else to make up my own brand.


Photo via @finesuco

RMR: If you could work with anyone or collaborate who would it be?

BW: I don’t know, that’s a tough question. I’m not even really sure. We haven’t even identified who we are right now. There’s a lot of up and coming brands that I would love to work with though so we’ll see.

RMR: What is the most important thing that you’ll need to do in order to get to the point where you want to go? To see the success you have hopes of?

BW: I think what it’s going to come down to is doing these pop-up shops. I think it’s getting in these events like Agenda and more. I’m always on the lookout for dope events. I would love to be continuously releasing stuff to remain relevant as well. 

RMR: What challenges have you overcome while creating a lifestyle streetwear brand?

BW: Two things – money is one and just working with another person. It’s just two people. Working with two people can be challenging. We both have money invested and both have our own ideas.

RMR: What could we expect from Finesu in the next couple years to come?

BW: Shit, dude. Honestly, we have so many things that we want to get made. We have a page of the things that we want to get made. You’re going to see more product and it’s going to be less generic. I want to do more crazy shit, like get a sick custom-made jacket. I want to get custom zippers. We’re going to be more custom.


Austin Howell is a journalist for Respect My Region and Owner of The Real Gentlemen’s Club.