There’s always someone in every circle that claims to have the most fire cannabis. They’re always bragging about how brimming with terps it is, or how heady the effects are.

It’s safe to assume the homies will always claim to be packing fire. So how do you really put it to the test? Better yet, how do you know that the different strains from various brands are actually good?

There will always be people that put their own personal knowledge to the test when asked to explain how they differentiate between fire, mids, and reggie. If you’re new to the cannabis world but have experience with craft beer there are some easy comparisons to help you understand.

Can You Tell If Your Cannabis Is Fire Or Reggie

When someone is talking about fire cannabis, imagine your perfect craft beer from your favorite brewery. When someone is talking about mids, you might imagine a mass-produced imposter craft beer. Reggie would refer to the bottom of the barrel beer. Malt liquor brands like Mickeys, Olde English, or Steel Reserve come to mind.

How can you tell the difference between these three qualities of weed and apply your knowledge to your next purchase?

Pink Runtz Strain by The Fire Society


I’ve always been partial to color as one of my indicators of good weed. They say you eat with your eyes then your stomach. I believe you smoke with your eyes before your lungs. All too often I’ve found myself closely examining a nug that was a light shade of green telling myself that I wish I could preserve the moment forever. Camera phones just don’t do nugs justice all the time. Green, purple, and orange are the colors that can be used to indicate fire cannabis. Although these colors can appear in mids or reggie, so there are some other indicators to look for.

Whoa-Si-Whoa Strain by Top-Shelf Cultivation


If you’re lucky enough to be able to touch your cannabis before purchasing it you are in a lucky situation. Color can be deceiving. If cannabis feels dry then when you grind it up or go to smoke it the experience will be harsh. This also means that the product might not be fresh. Cannabis with a cushion feel to it that sticks to your fingers have typically been cured correctly and will deliver a more flavorful experience.

Can You Tell If Your Cannabis Is Fire Or Reggie


One of the biggest indicators between fire, mids, and reggie is the smell of your cannabis. You should be able to smell things like gas, citrus, sweet aromas, something that smells like dirt, pine, or peppery smells. Being able to smell those things is a good indicator of the quality of your cannabis. Those smells can transition directly to the taste and experience that you can anticipate. You do not want to smell grass or hay when smelling your cannabis.

There are other indicators of fire cannabis, but they aren’t as essential as the three that are listed above. These include trichomes, pistil hairs, and the appearance of seeds or stems. You do not want to see an abundance of stems in your cannabis. Or any at all.

Use these three indicators to help determine if the cannabis you are buying is fire or not. Everyone has their personal tricks, but we have found these to be the most consistent methods to assess with prior to smoking any arguably fire cannabis.

Examples of Fire Cannabis

List NOT organized based on quality.

  1. Whoa-Si-Whoa
  2. The Gelatti
  3. Runtz
  4. Mimosa
  5. Candy Rain
  6. Garanimals
  7. London Poundcake 53
  8. Gelonade
  9. Pink Runtz
  10. Biscotti
  11. Candyland Cookies
  12. Gelato
  13. Gary Payton
  14. White Runtz
  15. Samoas

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