Australian house artist FISHER dropped two new power tracks this week that are sure to get you off your feet despite quarantine. Freaks was released off FISHER’s own imprint. This follows an incredible three years starting off with his release of Ya Kidding back in 2017.

“Wanna Go Dancin'” and “Freaks” are another perfect example of FISHER’s ability to nail down explosive house beats. This release has come at an exceptionally important time when everyone could use some hype.

FISHER has blown up recently due to his niche of creating songs that have a driving bass-line and energetic vocals. “Freaks” hits you with deep base and intoxicating vocals immediately. Following is a strew of different sounds and building melodies to prepare you for his senseless drops.

“Wanna Go Dancin'” is just as obsessive. Starting with a similar baseline followed by another iconic vocal line “move, get out the way, my feet wanna go dancin'”. It’s one-liners like these that make FISHER so unforgettable. His ability to intertwine the energy of house with the rhythmic low-tempo tendencies of techno is unmatched.

These tracks are for sure going to be a staple of everyone’s DJ table in the coming year. There’s something about his ability to make a repetitive beat never get old that slaps every time! FISHER has truly done it again.

Freaks Just Wanna Go Dancin’

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