Since first being legalized in 2014, the medical cannabis program in Florida has greatly expanded. With Trulieve leading the way, there are now 13 different companies representing 312 Florida weed dispensaries. It’s no surprise that Trulieve is still leading the way, with 85 of these dispensaries.

Other companies operating in the Florida cannabis medical program include Surterra, Vidacann, Curaleaf, FLUENT, Columbia Care, Harvest House, Müv, One Plant, Grow Healthy, The Botanist, Liberty Health, and MedMen. Each of these dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis products, all cultivated and manufactured in the Sunshine State.

With over a dozen companies to choose from, it can definitely be overwhelming trying to decide which Florida weed dispensaries are worth checking out. But don’t worry, Respect My Region is here to point you in the right direction.

Florida Weed Dispensaries
Florida Weed Dispensaries

As a patient in the medical cannabis program for years, I have visited and purchased a variety of cannabis products from almost every dispensary in Florida. With that being said, here is a list of which cannabis dispensaries in Florida I personally believe are the top 5 (and a couple honorable mentions), with reasoning. This list is based off multiple aspects including: variety of products offered, quality of products, dispensary experience, customer service, prices, and deals.

Top 5 Weed Dispensaries in Florida

#5 Columbia Care

Columbia Care may not be as glamorous as the majority of other weed dispensaries in Florida, but that’s great for patients looking for a simple experience. Instead of focusing on fancy packaging and branding, Columbia Care keeps it simple and focuses on what’s most important: medicinal cannabis. Many dispensaries offer other brands along with their own, but Columbia sticks with only their own cannabis products.

Columbia Care makes it on this list for a number of reasons. First, they have great customer service and knowledgable staff. They offer a variety of high-quality cannabis products at great prices. Unlike some other dispensaries, most of their products are consistently in stock.

Their flower ranges from $35-$43 per 8th, with a half ounce of smalls available for $100. They offer a large variety of concentrates including syringes, shatter, crumble, RSO, rosin and vape cartridges (including CO2) anywhere from $44-$88. You can also cop pre-rolls, edibles, capsules, tinctures, and accessories.

Though they’re average prices, you’ll find yourself spending less than most places because of their frequent discounts and a loyalty program. They consistently offer deals like BOGOs and 30% off.

Columbia Care - Florida Weed Dispensary
Columbia Care – Florida Weed Dispensary

Mint Chip RSO from Columbia Care

#4 Grow Healthy

Grow Healthy may be one of the most expensive dispensaries in Florida, but for good reasons. The main reason they are on this list is simple, the incomparable quality of their cannabis products compared to other products in the state. As well as their incredible customer service.

“We’re obsessed with bringing you the safest, purest, most high-quality cannabis products, coupled with world-class customer service and convenient home delivery.”

Grow Healthy’s website

With a climate not as great for cannabis cultivation as places like the PNW, and also due to legal regulations, flower in Florida just doesn’t reach the quality of artisan cannabis brands such as Jungle Boys and Cookies. But some dispensaries get close, and one of those is Grow Healthy. Their 8ths are $50-$60, but they also offer littles for $35. Occasionally, but rarely, they have half ounces of littles for $100.

You’ll also find the beloved concentrate brand MPX (Melting Point Extract) available as live rosin in Grow Healthy’s signature strains.

Grow Healthy - Florida Weed
Grow Healthy – Florida Weed

Citrus Slice from Grow Healthy

#3 Surterra

Surterra undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list as one of the top weed dispensaries in Florida, and for many reasons. Being one of the original brands in Florida, Surterra now has almost 40 locations across the state, making it more convenient than most others. Surterra’s main highlight is their products, though.

When it comes to Surterra’s products, they offer quality, variety, convenience, and ease-of-use, all at great prices.

From the cheapest keif in the program, at $30 per gram, to crazy sales like Buy 1 Get 2 free popping up sometimes, Surterra is an all around great dispensary. Also a bonus, they just started selling rosin and it is available in half grams.

Surterra is especially great for patients that are new to cannabis or older in age (with partial proof being that it’s my mother’s favorite dispensary). Rather than focusing on the strain names, they focus on the effects. This is much easier to understand for those not as educated.

What also makes it friendly to these types of patients is the ease-of-use. First, they offer a variety of disposable vape pens that don’t require charging or even have a button. Next, their oil syringes are designed in a way that’s much easier to use than standard syringes.

Surterra - Florida Weed
Surterra – Florida Weed

Pure Reserve Oil Distillate and Distillate from Surterra

#2 Müv

Müv earns the #2 spot on this list of top Florida weed dispensaries for multiple reasons. Müv offers a variety of premium products that are consistently high quality.

Many Florida dispensaries seem to have trouble staying consistent with the quality of their flower. You’ll often find weed that is dry, stemmy, old, lacking keif, and even moldy in Florida. At Müv you likely won’t come across these problems. Their flower is always fresh, loaded with keif, and full of flavor and effects due to a high level of terpenes.

Other products they offer include vape cartridges, disposable vapes, topicals, patches, edibles, pre-rolls, and even inhalers. They also offer a array of concentrates including live ice water rosin, shatter, crumble, syringes, and RSO.

Müv offers the best first-time patient discount out of all the dispensaries. First, every patient automatically receives 25% off. Then, if you ask your doctor, they will give you a discount card with three more discounts. You will receive another 25% off, as well as $75 off of $150 and a BOGO.

Müv - Florida Weed Dispensary
Müv – Florida Weed Dispensary

Concentrates from Müv

#1 Trulieve

Like I said at the beginning of the article, Trulieve is leading the way, in the market and in this list. While there are some negatives when it comes to shopping at Trulieve, the positives outweigh it enough to make it #1 on this list.

With 85 locations, Trulieve is easily the most accessible and convenient dispensary overall in Florida. They offer the largest amount and widest variety of products out of every dispensary in the state. Ranging from products for those on a budget to premium high-demand brands, Trulieve has something for everyone.

With the amount they have to offer, it’s impossible to go over it all. Some highlights include 8ths of mini flower for $27, quarters of ground flower for $25, gram cartridges for $77, the widest variety of concentrates including THCa, and various partnering brands like Binske and Sunshine Cannabis. Not to mention, they definitely have some of the best flower in the state.

But with the popularity and benefits comes some downsides. Trulieve is notorious for never answering the phone or putting callers on long waits. Also, depending on the location, you may find yourself waiting close to an hour during busy times like mini Mondays.

Trulieve - Florida Cannabis Dispensaries
Trulieve – Florida Cannabis Dispensaries

TruFlower Minis at Trulieve

Honorable Mentions

One Plant

If you don’t have a budget and want to purchase the highest quality weed in the state, you may want to check out One Plant. This dispensary offers top-notch 90U live rosin along with the beloved Runtz and other coveted strains like M.A.C1. The downside is that they have less than 10 locations, but they do deliver.

Liberty Health Sciences

On the flip side, if you are on a tight budget, Liberty Health Sciences may be the perfect place for you. They offer 8ths as cheap as $23, and half gram cartridges as cheap as $35. While it may not be the quality of One Plant, the prices definitely make it worth trying. On top of the already low prices, they constantly offer some of the best deals in the state, including 50% vapes pretty often.

They have one of the largest inventories in the state, and offer a variety of other brands aside from their own including Papa’s Herb, Seed Junky, and Dompen.

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