In a landmark moment for Grand Rapids and the midwest, the first legal medical cannabis provisioning center, Fluresh, opened yesterday, Friday, February 7th, 2020. The beautiful downtown building was an 80-year-old automotive facility previously. It now houses plenty of quality cannabis products.

From Kiva to Claw, Fluresh carries both Michigan and national cannabis brands. There’s no issue finding recognizable products in store.

Fluresh plans to offer flower and other lines of products. These will be produced in their Grand Rapids location which has 49,000 square feet dedicated to the canopy, or their 14 greenhouses which house 157,000 square feet of canopy space in Adrian, Michigan.

Fluresh plans to create over 100 jobs per area. Their products will be distributed across the state. We can have light expectations for these products in late spring. Eventually, they plan to open up their business to recreational users as well.

Who Is Behind Fluresh?

In a city as demanding as Grand Rapids, every industry has to bring their A-game. Luckily, Fluresh was up to the test. Featuring excellent staff members including CEO, Leah Bailey, and state-of-the-art facilities, Fluresh is one of the most legitimate dispensaries in medical cannabis.

Before holding leadership roles in companies such as Quaker Oats, Paris Presents, Inc., Alberto Culver, GTE Telephone Operations, and Jovan, Leah Bailey earned her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Harvard University. Most recently, she was President of Global Beauty for Helen of Troy Limited. Fluresh is lucky to have one of the most charming and experienced people in the field as their CEO.

Additionally, Fluresh’s Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Lindsay Levin, brings experience from working with RXBAR, and PepsiCo before that, where she focused on brand management and global brand strategy for the Quaker brand. Lindsay Levin has a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and an MBA from Northwestern University.  

With employees of this caliber, and lead by women this talented, Fluresh will dominate Michigan. Their marketing is on point, they’re scientifically literate, and when they’re able to supply their own products, their brand will only grow.

How To Get To Fluresh And What They Offer

Located at 1213 Phillips Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, Fluresh is easy to get to. The Grand Rapids store serves as Fluresh’s flagship building. While the structure stands alone, it’s still only a short drive from a Taqueria San Jose.

Like every other Michigan cannabis launch, expect long lines and limited supply. Grams start at $15, but labels on all strains reveal terpene content. The products available were painstakingly curated by the Fluresh team, and everything is worth the money. They are open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and 10 AM to 8 PM on Sunday.


More important than the price is the fact that medical cannabis is finally available in the Grand Rapids metro. A decade ago people got felonies for possession. Last year citizens often drove to Portage or Lansing for their medicine of choice. Now Grand Rapids is finally joining one of the most lucrative industries in the state.