Flying Lotus’ last album, ‘You’re Dead!’, was released in 2014. The album appears to encompass a concept which many of us have ignored or failed to come to terms with in our everyday lives. With Flying Lotus’s bold music and straightforward album artwork, he depicts death simply for what it is; an unavoidable truth.

Listening to this album brought me to an almost surreal identity crisis. Although, this is the sort of feeling I come to expect from an artist who is so completely his own. There’s a certain level of detail and originality that goes into Flying Lotus, which you don’t find often enough in today’s artists. Whether or not it’s your style, at the very least it will catch your attention.

I couldn’t decide what song would best encompass this artist, while also not scaring too many people away from his grim but sophisticated message. Instead, I took the safe route and shared his entire SoundCloud below. Go ahead and listen through some of his music yourself. I guarantee you will either be amazed, or offended.

Latest Tracks

Flying Lotus in 3D – What can be expected?

Put simply, an amazing assortment of audio and visual performance. Something special. Something you will not be able to find anywhere else. Don’t even bother looking, I’ve already tried. Don’t wait on getting tickets, this show is coming up fast.

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