I’ve been to Fred Wildlife Refuge on four different occasions, but only at the most recent event, WAVES Presents: Midnight Jungle, was the upstairs open. Being able to experience the full venue for the first time, I enjoyed the spaciousness along with the general decorative vibe that Fred has to offer.

With two bathrooms, upstairs and downstairs bars, a stage view from the balcony, and an adequate amount of seating and dance room, this venue makes for an easy and pleasant nightlife experience. The staff has always been courteous and helpful as well, which adds to the comfortability of this venue.

The nature styled artwork inside Fred is pleasing to the eyes, and a natural boost of aesthetic to any event. The sound is also excellent. Not to mention, there are some nice perks to this venue, such as a free coat rack available at the door.

At the center of the dance floor is an aerial rigging setup for aerial artists, something that most venues of this size don’t include. Behind the stage area, there is a large 20×60 foot immersive video wall for projected visuals, the ideal setup for showcasing graphic arts. These features are great because they give event planners lots of leeway for creating shows with a specific dynamic or theme in mind.

fred wildlife refuge

crimson haze event lighting

I’m fond of Fred Wildlife’s location on Capitol Hill. The nightlife there is busy and there are lots of nearby places to grab food. Parking on busy nights can be a bit difficult, but that’s just Seattle for you.There are three separate lots surrounding the venue, so I don’t consider this to be too much of a setback.

Overall, the friendliness of this venue, its artsy aesthetic, and an open formatted design are its best qualities. I’ve yet to have a bad experience at Fred Wildlife Refuge, and I’ll definitely be returning in the future for more events.

Fred Wildlife Refuge Rating: 4.5/5

Fred wildlife refuge

Crimson Haze Event Lighting

*The stage and visuals seen in the featured image were supplied by WAVES Presents.*