Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist just dropped, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Throughout the tracklist, Gibbs masterfully follows the smooth beats to create an atmosphere of prowess. A veteran of the industry and a survivor of international penitentiaries, Gibbs knows how to use his voice. Any modern topic falls beneath his conviction. 

Unwilling to be changed, Gibbs spits: “Dark horse, rap black sheep, they got me vilified/ Castratin’ n*ggas in they feelings on IG/ Will never let this industry demasculinize me,” on the track “Scottie Beam.” 

Further into the track off Alfredo, Gibbs goes in with:

“Threw my FN in the stash, I think the cracker’s behind me, damn/ He pulled me over, I asked him, “Yo, what’s the problem, sir?/ I swerved to ducked the potholes, man, I had no option, sir/ Just let me go ’cause my license, insurance proper, sir/ I’d hate to be on the run for smokin’ an officer/ We were bustin’ at police before Queen & Slim, that’s on FN/ Let off fifty shots to the squad car and get in the wind/ Told the Gary Police in ’05 that I got more guns than them/ Get the feds if you want a war, and they sent them bitches in/ The revolution is the genocide/ Yeah, my execution might be televised.” 

Alfredo Features Rick Ross, Tyler The Creator, and More

These bars show Gibbs is in as good or better form than Bandana, his last release. Oddly, both this and his last album feature production from an industry legend. While Madlib’s Bandana is a powerful album in its own right, The Alchemist’s Alfredo is more open. “Scottie Beam” proves itself as a real Midwest feature by finishing out with a Rick Ross feature, who opens with:

“You need a dictionary when you write your raps/ Went to the penitentiary just for a hundred sack/ I had a vision back when I was fishin’ for a bass/ But they won’t listen ’til you in your kitchen countin’ cash.” Towards the end of the track, Ross drops “I fuck bitches in my ride, I never bring ’em home/ She sees just how I ride and slip her panties off/ He wanted war until they hit ’em with a cannonball (Bang)/ Spark spliffs, raw kicks, I give ’em Clark Kent/ Common sense, no Prince, strictly the mob hits/ Exhale weed, ship it from the West/ My brain begin to seize when I’m needin’ rest/ Kobe Bryant when we speakin’, very best.”

However, “Scottie Beam” is far from an exception. The entire tracklist is filled with intricate bars and gorgeous instrumentation. When the end of “Frank Lucas” hits it transitions into the strings of “Something to Rap About”. Not only did Alchemist perfectly connect the songs, but Benny the Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, and Tyler the Creator flow between each other between the tracks seemingly in serendipity. After Benny the Butcher wraps up “Frank Lucas” Gibbs doesn’t miss a beat. Freddie introduces “Something to Rap About” only for Tyler to release drop one of his best verses in a minute. Check out the whole album on YouTube below. 

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Make sure to finish Alfredo because All Glass is one of the best Gibbs tracks in a minute. The beat is an absolute treat, and Gibbs’s bars pour out over the instrumental like a lather. Featuring atypical melodic qualities and pristine sound design, it can’t be missed.

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