A far cry from his original videos featuring gritty and lived in scene where motherfuckers were smoking actual crack on film, Freddie Gibbs released another experiment with fantasy. Recently he’s released videos featuring a California hellscape, and another video that looks more like Brokeback Mountain (rest in peace Heath Ledger) than a hip-hop video.

“Gat Damn” off of Bandana is a solid enough track, although more laid back than his usual delivery. The skits around the track define the video, like an asshole Freddie Gibbs bullies his band. This character is one that Gibbs has been developing for a while, and it does retain a comedic effect.

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

Before Freddie Gibbs aimed to create lived-in worlds that could be popping off next door. Now he’s experimenting with a more historical America. Zebra suits and a consistent scene define the video and build an atmosphere of a drugged down America.  

The intro skit plays a hostile Freddie Gibbs who fucked everyone’s significant other against several characters meant to play the straight man. He keeps repeating that they should talk to the white guy about the money that Gibbs refuses to pay his band. 

It’s a funny scene and there are a lot of noteworthy moments within it that are worth the watch. The atmosphere isn’t broken throughout the video. A final skit about a hair spray hits pretty well.

But What about the Music?!

Contrasted with the historical environment, Freddie Gibb’s lyrics “Man, I miss my ni**a Greg, pour some liquor, yeah, yeah, I got homies in the feds, free my ni**as, yeah, yeah, I just wrapped a hundred cash, zipped it in the air, yeah, I’ma go fuck up a bag, know that ho can’t stand that, Yeah, I got shooters but I’m duckin’ shooters, Pop ’em up, they hit the homie sister, guess we both the loser, Po-po pull me over with a half a kilo and a Ruger, I can’t move the same, I gotta readjust how I maneuver” hit great. Sonically, it creates an interesting scene by relying on classic soul vocal rifts to deliver a hard as fuck verse. 

The video creates a fever dream. We’re trapping through history, bringing grills into the mainstream before Reagen was even elected. It’s a unique vibe, and quite successful. The production on this joint kicks. Getting faded on liquor and dabs would probably make this just divine. Freddie Gibbs is always worth the listen.

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