Frenchyoso is a rising Seattle spitter from South Cloverdale that we’ve had our eyes on for a minute. He’s been consistently building up his catalog and delivering cutthroat visual pairings to keep building hype around his wave. Since the release of his expansive 12-track Apply Pressure project back in 2019, he hasn’t slowed down for a second. Just a few days ago, he came out with a rowdy flick for one of the leading singles off Apply Pressure, “Back2Back,” featuring Mick Jack.

First impressions, this shit hits hard. Local shooter Alac Wong really brought the vibes to life with visceral shots of Frenchy, MikeJack and co turning up outside an abandoned crib. Everyone is iced out and has their flex at maximum levels as it moves between shots over the barebones twitchy beat. This beat doesn’t need much because the lyrical delivery is driving enough. DJ Basskids left it open for both artists to command the cadence and melody of the cold cut.


Hitting braggadocious and violent triplet bars, Frenchyoso goes dumb on the beat. You’ll hear the classic sound effects from the chopper cocking and spraying as he flashes cash and designer drip. MikeJack3200 starts off the track in a similarly powerful fashion, repping the popular Cookies Scarface hoodie. Bars are thrown left and right by MikeJack. This video reeks of big loud and big moves.

 RDM Ent is Frenchyoso’s personal entertainment company that he releases all of his videos through. Tap into his YouTube channel to stay on top of all his future drops, because the dude plans to stay busy. The quarantine has only further put his eyes on the prize, and he’s going to keep delivering hard-hitting content as he builds his digital empire. Artists like Frenchy know that during these times a lot of folks are losing sight of their hustle, that this is when he needs to come in and Apply Pressure.

Frenchyoso & MikeJack3200 – “Back2Back” (Official Music Video)

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