Fresh Drops Friday enters February with EDM recent releases.

Fresh Drops Friday | EDM Recent Releases Featuring Charlotte Prank, Nero, Rendah and More!

Welcome back for another Fresh Drops Friday segment featuring a wide-range of EDM recent releases. So far, the second month of the 2024 has been cooking up vivacious tracks by various talented and sonic producing artists.

Respect My Region has been carefully listening out and accumulating ear catching songs that are well worthy of playing on repeat. We bring 10 tracks off our Fresh Drops Friday Spotify Playlist to transport you wherever you are into the sonic realm of electronic music.

Featuring vibrant sonorous bass and fast paced break-beats, artists from all around the globe come together on our playlist to bring you euphonious sound design.

Let’s jump on in to see which of these EDM recent releases will be the next to make it to your playlists.

Charlotte Plank “Rage”

Charlotte Plank, 21, is a rising talent in the electronic music scene known for her innovative approach to music production. Challenging traditional elements of creating music, the British-Australian artists continues to create a fusion of various genres. With influences ranging from drum and bass to experimental electronica, Plank continues to push boundaries with her distinctive sound.

“Rage” is a high-octane track that captures the intensity of the dance floor. This makes it a must-listen for fans of driving beats and immersive soundscapes. The lyrics reflect electric nights of convivial experiences that consist of “sweatin’ through the glitter on my face”.

Finally, delivering a powerful blend of pulsating basslines and intricate synth melodies, the track builds tension gradually before exploding into an energetic climax. Showcasing Plank’s mastery of dynamic composition.

Mason and Princess Superstar “Perfect (Exceeder)- 1991 Remix”

The 1991 Remix of “Perfect (Exceeder)” breathes new life into a classic track, offering listeners a vibrant sonic experience that is sure to leave them craving more. 17 years ago Mason and Princess Superstar both known for their contributions to house and electro genres respectively, collaborated on “Perfect (Exceeder)” and showcased their combined talent and creativity.

Now in 2024, prolific and well respected DJ and producer, Fred Webb, aka 1991 offers listeners a chance to listen to the original track integrated with his optimum sound composition.

The London based artist rose to prominence in the electronic music scene with his unique blend of drum and bass, jungle, and house influences.1991, has continued to make waves with his releases on prominent labels such as Ram Records, MTA Records, and UKF.

His versatile production style and ability to seamlessly blend genres have earned him praise from both fans and fellow artists alike.

With a string of successful releases and an ever-growing fan base, 1991 remains at the forefront of the drum and bass scene. He continues to push boundaries and inspire the next generation of electronic music producers.

NERO “Blame You”

After a 14 year hiatus from the drum and bass scene, trio NERO springs back into the scene dropping a track fused with talent. This release of dnb track “Blame You” follows single “Truth”. A mid-tempo techno composition in which NERO released late last year.

NERO foretells the diversity of their upcoming album “Into the Uknown” by releasing these two contrasting tracks that very much compliment one another. “Blame You” is a hauntingly beautiful track that combines ethereal vocals with atmospheric production. With its mesmerizing melodies and emotive lyrics, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Fans from all over admire the trio for their electrifying live performances. Their performances combine intricate visuals, live instrumentation, and immersive sound design to create experiences for audiences that are everlasting.

For those waiting, NERO mentioned in an interview with The Grammy’s, that they will be hitting the stage once again this year. Who knows, you might see the trio make it on our next playlist featuring EDM recent releases.

IVORY & HURTBOX “No Man’s Land”

Enter an atmosphere where the reverberating bass and slap heavy beats welcome you with IVORY and HURTBOX’s newest release “No Man’s Land”. IVORY is an electronic music producer known for his unique blend of trap, dubstep, and bass music. Hailing from France, he has gained recognition for his high-energy productions and electrifying live performances. HURTBOX is a rising star in the bass music scene, known for his heavy-hitting tracks and aggro production style.

“No Man’s Land” is a relentless onslaught of bass and energy, showcasing the collaborative talents of IVORY and HURTBOX. Building a dark and intense atmosphere, the listener is drawn into a sonic battlefield. Here is where heavy basslines and aggressive synths reign supreme. With its explosive drops and dynamic production, “No Man’s Land” is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of all forms of bass music. As one of our favorite EDM recent releases, “No Man’s Land” is a powerful collaboration. It demonstrates the creative synergy between IVORY and HURTBOX, cementing their status as formidable forces in the bass music scene.

Blade (Dnb) “Loss”

Releasing for the first time ever on renown music label Metalheadz, Blade (Dnb) hits the ground running with track “Loss”. Accompanying two other amazing tracks released, “Loss” took home the gold and made its way onto our Spotify playlist. The song is a captivating journey through the depths of drum and bass. Offering listeners a chance to lose themselves in the music and forget about the world around them. The soul-stirring drum and bass track transports listeners back to the UK in the 90’s, this nostalgia is one reason it’s one of our favorite EDM recent releases. With its atmospheric pads, rolling basslines, and intricate rhythms, this track is guaranteed to elevate audiences to a higher frequency.

Blade’s entrance to DJ’ing was in 1991 at the age of 15 which led to music production in his 20’s. Now in his 40’s and rich in drum and bass knowledge he released 3 tracks on the record label Metalheadz. Blade brings a melting pot of heavy amen rollers, classic production break-beats and liquid vibes. This was made for listeners who enjoy captivating instrumentals. With a passion for staying true to the all of the intricate elements of drum and bass, Blade continues to reach audiences with his familiar yet distinctive sound. With less than one thousand followers on Instagram, Blade is definitely not new to the game but still considered on the come up.

Change of Pace “Syntax”

“Syntax” is a testament to Change of Pace’s talent and creativity as electronic music producers. Showcasing their ability to enthrall listeners with their signature sound that blends various genres. The duo consisted of Matt and Ryan, are from Milton Keynes, England. Both have been making music for little over 10 years together while bonding over their love for drum and bass.

Over the years Change of Pace has achieved recognition from various communities within the electronic music scene. These cities include MK and Bedford for their talent and dedication to their craft. The duo has released through dnb labels such as South Yard, Noxious Records, and Random Concept Origins to name a few. They have gotten support from renowned DJs and producers, as well as airplay on radio stations and online streaming platforms. With performances at various clubs and events, they have and continue to gain loyal following from fans who appreciate their infectious energy.

Their newest track “Syntax” is a vibrant and dynamic progressive dnb record that captures the essence of modern electronic music. It is consisted of intense wubs that seamlessly blend with fast paced break-beats and a mesmerizing melody. The track’s infectious melody and pulsating rhythm create a euphoric and vigorous atmosphere, drawing listeners into its hypnotic groove. Change of Pace demonstrates skillful composition and production techniques. Crafting a track that is both highly danceable and well worthy of making it onto this playlist featuring only the best EDM recent releases.

Kasra & VISLA “Azure VIP”

Kasra features his way back onto another list of ours, but as a pioneer in drum and bass it makes sense. “Azure VIP.” showcases his and VISLA’s exceptional talent in both instrumentation and production quality. The track is masterfully crafted with a diverse array of sounds. This includes deep basses, crisp percussion, and atmospheric effects. Each element is intricately layered and meticulously mixed, resulting in a rich and immersive sonic experience. The production quality is top-notch. This is due to clean sound design, balanced dynamics, and a polished mix that highlights the intricacies of the track. This stellar drum and bass track creates an infectious energy and showcases the talents of both artists.

This collaboration stands as a testament to show that Kasra believes in the artists who release through his record label. With a background rooted in electronic music production, VISLA has quickly gained recognition from many well respected producers. His collaborations with established artists such as Kasra have further solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the genre. Keep an eye out for more EDM recent releases, as we are pretty sure both Kasra and VISLA will be featured.

Camo & Krooked “Falling”

Camo & Krooked are an Austrian electronic music duo consisting of Reinhard “Camo” Rietsch and Markus “Krooked” Wagner. Formed in 2007, the duo quickly gained recognition for their innovative approach to drum and bass music. Blending elements of liquid funk, neurofunk, and dubstep allowed them to create their own unique sound. The duo has numerous hit releases, critically acclaimed albums, and high-energy live performances. Camo & Krooked have established themselves as leading figures in the drum and bass scene. Their contributions to the genre have earned them widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

“Falling” by Camo & Krooked is a mesmerizing drum and bass track that showcases the duo’s signature style and knack for crafting emotive, high-energy music. From the outset, the track draws listeners in with its lush melodies, pulsating rhythms, and captivating vocals. The song exudes a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. With uplifting chord progressions and inviting hooks that linger in the mind long after the song ends. “Falling” is characterized by its dynamic arrangement, seamless transitions, and powerful emotional impact. This is what makes it a standout addition to any drum and bass playlist.

Rendah “Rocker”

Rocker” by Rendah is an electrifying bass-heavy track that seamlessly fuses elements of dubstep, trap, and grime. From the moment the track begins, it grabs the listener’s attention with its gritty basslines, aggressive synths, and relentless energy. The track features a pulsating rhythm that drives the momentum forward, creating an intense and immersive listening experience. “Rocker” is characterized by its raw and edgy vibe. Showcasing Rendah’s talent for crafting hard-hitting electronic music, this track pushes the boundaries of genre conventions.

Even though he’s still an up and coming artist, Rendah’s release “Rocker” has already hit the Top 10 Charts on Beatport. The song was released through CruCast, a UK Independent Record Label solely based around bass music and parties. The Bristol based electronic music producer has proven through released tracks that he has a dynamic and genre-defying sound. Rooted in heavy bass and dnb, Rendah continues to gain recognition for his experiemental approach to production.

Talix & Enfuse “Don’t Let Me Down”

The track “Don’t Let Me Down” by Talix and Enfuse is a captivating collaboration that seamlessly blends elements of electronic pop and dance music. From the opening notes, the song captivates listeners with its infectious energy and uplifting atmosphere. The track features catchy melodies, emotive vocals, and a driving rhythm that keeps the momentum going from start to finish. “Don’t Let Me Down” exudes a sense of optimism and resilience, making it an empowering anthem for listeners.

Furthermore, both artists are representatives of Melbourne, Australia. They demonstrate exceptional skill in both instrumentation and production quality throughout “Don’t Let Me Down.” The track is richly layered with a variety of sounds. Including vibrant synths, pulsating basslines, and crisp percussion. Each element is carefully arranged and expertly mixed, resulting in a polished and dynamic sonic landscape. The production quality is top-notch. Clean sound design, balanced dynamics, and a professional mix that highlights the strengths of the song. “Don’t Let Me Down” showcases both artists talent, creativity as musicians, and their ability to craft memorable and impactful electronic pop music.

These EDM recent releases continue to evolve and delight listeners with their diversity and innovation. From mesmerizing ambient compositions to energetic dancefloor anthems. The tracks featured on this playlist showcase the immense talent and creativity of electronic music producers worldwide.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the genre, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and discover. Finally turn up the volume, immerse yourself in the beats, and let the music take you on a journey like no other.

Check out our Fresh Drops Friday playlist for music that is constantly pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. Stay tuned as the future of electronic music looks brighter than ever.

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