The Fruity Pebbles strain aka FPOG, or Fruity Pebbles OG, is a wildly flavorful cultivar. This hybrid strain comes from crossing Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purp, and Tahoe Alien to create tropical cereal delight. Pure and potent euphoria might come quickly from a few puffs of this sweet strain. 

Looking at the Fruity Pebbles strain is like seeing a dazzling light show. The coloration on the nugs is incredibly diverse and eye-grabbing. Gorgeous purple, bright green, and vibrant orange make up its appearance. The bright coloration is only slightly skewed by the dense, fuzzy, and full-trichome heads that infest its every inch. On the nose, you’ll pick up its saccharine-sweet citrus and lemony notes. Then you might also notice a tinge of oaky and woody aromas towards the end. Cracking a nug open, you’ll get a blast of sweet cereal milk that has a mild peppery spice on the tail-end. 

The dominant terpenes in the Fruity Pebbles strain are pretty common for a potentially euphoric and stress-relieving strain. We’re looking at limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene as the main flavor enhancers. This lends a mild explanation of the positive effects this strain might have. 

Fruity Pebbles Strain by Synergy

Image via @synergy_cannabis

Limonene is a classically lemony and citrus terp that might offer a healthy dose of stress-relieving and uplifting feelings. Myrcene is responsible for adding in more berry and flowery notes. It might be a large factor in this strain’s ability to calm your body and mind. Beta-caryophyllene is giving the Fruity Pebbles strain its hints of woody, peppery musk. This terp may also be contributing to its strong potential for pain relief. 

Smoking on some of the Fruity Pebbles strain might make you feel as happy as a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. The high is bright, lively, and might be the mentally comforting hitter you’ve been searching for. A few puffs and you’ll still be able to taste ample fruity and citrusy notes. You might notice only a mild spice on the smoke as you exhale. Ripping the Fruity Pebbles later in the day might be the perfect euphoric ride into a relaxing evening.

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