FTampa, the Brazilian native and EDM pop star, recently connected with Respect My Region for an exclusive interview! We talked about his new single “EDM SUX” and his absence in music for the past 18 months. For this interview, we really dug deeper than usual. Check out his interview and the new video for his single “EDM SUX” below!

Exclusive FTampa Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

First off, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious, but from me and all of your fans – where have you been the last 18 months?!

Great question. I’ve been releasing some very POP songs in the last 24 month and this really got me away from the EDM scene. This was something I really wanted to experience and I believe made me a better producer. Also I became a father in that period and wanted to dedicate some time to parenthood, I moved to LA and focused a lot of energy on producing and being with my family. I believe this created such a big gap between what I was doing and the fans but I promise I’m back to the scene and will keep on with both Pop and EDM releases in parallel.

Now you’ve got to tell us, where did you get the idea to put together “EDM Sux?”

I’ve been producing a lot of EDM but it just seemed weird to release it in the middle of the Pop stuff, like if I was somehow breaking a story in the middle. After Cali Vibe I felt like the story was finalized and I wanted to get back to EDM, so I used the fact that many of my fans are always complaining that I’m not releasing club tracks and made a joke as if I didn’t liked it anymore. This is why it is called “EDM Sux”, but the following week I released “EDM Rox” which is part of the joke as if I had surrendered to the beat! I always like to tell a story.

FTampa – “EDM Sux”


Has the response been what you had hoped for??

Definitely yes! I’m so happy to see that the fans are still there and supporting me. I was concerned I could have lost many of them due to this period out from the scene but I can only thank my fans and everyone in the scene that are always so supportive of my work!

What’s going to come from this? What’s next?

Now I’m definitely back on the EDM. I will release at least one EDM track every two months. That is my plan with definitely getting back to the festivals and tours. I miss it!

What is your message you would love to tell your fans at this point?

Thank you! Thanks for your support always and for bringing me up every time I try something new. It’s because of all of you that I work 24hrs day in the studio and I’m always trying new stuff. Thanks for everything and keep in tune because this is only the start of a new phase!

After releasing “EDM Sux”, FTampa followed up with another hit song titled “EDM Rox” featuring CLOCKTAPE. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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