Leafwerx is a tier 3 cannabis company out of East Wenatchee who has made a name for themselves around the state with their single source concentrate products. Lately, they’ve been making a buzz in the cannabis community thanks to their company offering another line of products under a new brand. This new brand is called Full Spec and they’re offering delicious and potent cartridges, terpene sauces, and dabs as part of their lineup.

Full Spec’s vapor cartridges and concentrates are all live resin, , which is a type of extract that comes from flash-freezing the plant material (bud) and then running that frozen material through a full spectrum high terpene extraction process. Doing this helps the product preserve a better flavor profile that is more true or accurate to the original cannabis flower.

Like Leafwerx, Full Spec sources all of their raw cannabis flower from their own sun-grown cannabis farm. They pride themselves on using green thumb cultivators, proprietary nutrients, and optimized cultivation practices developed over numerous years and harvests. With a great variety of genetics ranging from classic strains and modern crosses, to popular favorites and niche selections, Full Spec has the right fix for any mood you’re in.

Full Spec’s cartridges is really where the product line shines. While plenty of folks are bringing quality concentrates to market, the affordable high terpene vape cartridge isn’t as crowded as a space compared to flower or dabs.

With large stalks and chunky nugs, the Full Spec team is able to run quality material at scale and provide the end-user with a great product at an affordable price point. Walking their fields (yes multiple fields) of cannabis, there is no shortage of terpenes diffusing off of each plant.

This environment and the care they put into the cultivation process ultimately contributes to a quality taste and experience. It is these two areas in the customer experience where many other carts aren’t able to consistently deliver the true flavor and effects that come from the plants.

We had the chance to try their Lemon Trainwreck live resin cart and it had a beautiful lemon taste that was similar to a glass of lemonade, only this one was a bit more electric.

Full Spectrum Experience

Sticking with the citrus theme, we also tried their Lemon Jack Full Spec live resin badder dab. This product also came with the heat, delivering an extremely citrus and piney experience. The nose on it has an amazing piney-lemon aroma and the consistency was easy to work with and the dab melted right down. The flavor was a little more pine than lemons but the Golden Lemons/Jack Herer cross is ultimately one of those perfect sativa-hybrids.

Their Au Jus, no not the stuff for the sandwich, live resin concentrate is terpene heaven. Coming in a vile, like a magic potion, it mixes great with some THC crystalline to create a mouth-watering flavor.

If you’re a Pax Pod user they made sure to keep you hooked up with their Full Spec Pods that bring the same great quality and taste. The Trainwreck Full Spec Live Resin Pax Pod hits you right in the soul with those sweet and piney flavors finishing off with a subtle spicy note. This was also one of the top ten scored vape carts on the 2021 West Coast Weed Tour.

Beyond The Spectrum

While the Full Spec products are amazing there are still many out there who prefer a more traditional experience. For fans of Co2, Leafwerx offers their Brights dab line or their Refined cartridges. These products have that more holistic weedy taste as they do not pull any terpenes or other cannabinoids out of the product.

If you prefer a lighter colored oil or distillate you would love their Ultra-Refined carts. Made of a distilled CO2 extract with cannabis-derived terpenes these cartridges focus more on the THC level with percentages usually hitting in the low 80s-90s in terms of percentages.

They also offer Cured Resin cartridges which is made from bud that was cured before processing. This means that the original flower material used for the extraction was dried and cured so that users like you could still get a great flavor profile and high test results, all without compromising any terpenes or cannabinoids.

Stay tuned for more updates and reviews from Leafwerx, Full Spec, and the rest of the Washington State cannabis industry.

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