Word Around the Sound is… Noah Coinflip dropped a new project titled Funnel For The Heavens and quite frankly, it’s incredible. Noah seems to attract talented folks to him and is able to allow them to flourish in their talents. His comforting aura translates to a soothing sound that only a heavenly entity could provide. 

The maturity in his compositions is something you may see from a musician who is decades into his career. At times, the production can feel light and airy, almost ethereal. Then, at times, it can hit with a deliberate strength, like in the songs “Cherry Blossom” and “Pray & Prey,” which helps carry the weight of the words that both Rell Be Free and Don Grey deliver. The sweet-sounding song “Better” features Anna Therese and B3lina on vocals; both of whom can send chills down your spine when they sing. Tiny, little, intricate details can be heard throughout the album adding layers for your ears to dig through overtime.

It’s a spiritual experience listening to Funnel For The Heavens. I’ll never tire of hearing Noah explore a fretboard or experiment with a synthesizer. And I’ll certainly never tire of supporting him directly by buying the album from him on Bandcamp. Who needs to stream something when you have your own copy of it?

Noah Coinflip Funnel For The Heavens

Jarv Dee, Bad Colours, Dave B “Outside”

Dance party vibes are always in season, but they peak during the summertime. Jarv Dee wanted to make sure that we had something fresh from him to groove to this summer. He partnered with Dave B. and Bad Colours to make the groovy tape, “Outside.” If this summer has proven anything so far, it’s that people are mos d-e-f-initely back outside, making this the ultimate anthem for the summer of 2023.

AJ Suede Ark Flashington

AJ Suede is a hypnotist. His production entrances you and puts you in the right mind state to really soak in the words that he is saying. I’ve never heard him spit the same bar word for word. He has referenced past bars but always from a fresh perspective. Oftentimes, he gives off a darker, moodier vibe. However, the beats on his latest album, Ark Flashington, are softer like the glow of the morning sun; this is 5AM sunrise Suede in full effect. He taps into a brighter approach which could be inspired by the primo sunshine we’ve been getting in Seattle lately. Ark Flashington is a kind of gloomy, overcast, sunshine peeking through type vibe, and I’m so here for it. 

Wynne Some Like It Hot

If you haven’t noticed yet, Wynne is on fire right now. She’s dialed in her sound, catching the attention of not just the broader hip-hop community but the music industry in general. Previously, I covered her lead single “Jaw Morant” which was a clever and catchy track that premiered on WorldStarHipHop. Now, she’s released her highly anticipated EP titled Some Like It Hot. A smart move from Wynne, after gaining traction leading up to the release, she gave us a project that explores different sounds and deliveries, giving the listener a better picture of what she can do as an artist. She has, without a doubt, some of the best wordplay in hip-hop, right now, period. You’re playing yourself if you don’t run this back.   

Word Around the Sound: Wynne Some Like It Hot

Greg Cypher “Cadillac Seville” featuring Blake Anthony and Aaron King

This was one of those songs that came up on my release radar and caught my attention immediately. In this chapter of Greg Cypher‘s career, he’s been exploring production and further developing his distinct sound. For his latest track, he grabbed Blake Anthony and Aaron King to make “Cadillac Seville,” a bop for the summertime. This is the first single off of Greg’s upcoming self-produced album titled Summer Sampler.

Word Around the Sound: Greg Cypher “Cadillac Seville”

Exzac Change and Matisse “Sunscreen”

Another summertime anthem “Sunscreen” also doubles as a reminder to take care of your skin. Exzac Change and Matisse have been holding it down for the eastside of the state for quite some time, and they are continuing to do just that with this release. “Sunscreen” is a floaty bop that encapsulates an average summer day in the Northwest. “Float a little river, smoke a little more tree, sweet summertime let it shine on me.”

Word Around the Sound: Funnel For The Heavens

Lophiile The Good Days Between

Lophiile is a successful producer out of Washington who has worked with artists like H.E.R., Allen Stone, bbno$, Jack Harlow, BTS and Duckwrth– just to name a few. His latest album, The Good Days Between, is a ray of sunshine gleaming off of the water. In his song, “On My 1’s” he includes a snippet speaking to the view from the iconic Kerry Park. His music captures the feeling when you look out across Elliott Bay and see the Seattle skyline with Mt. Rainier looming overhead. There’s a peaceful tranquility to the album that simultaneously relaxes the body while stimulating the mind. “To bathe in the cool, refreshing waters, to bask in the warm sun, to splash away and sparkle and spray, that’s life at the beaches in Washington.”

Word Around the Sound: Lophille The Good Days Between

2AM “Fly 4 Ever”

2AM, formerly known as Justin Hale, is making his debut under a new moniker with the release of his latest track, “Fly 4 Ever.” It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from him but it’s obvious that he’s been working on himself because the refinement in his vocals, the composition and overall mix of the beat with lyrics is on point. 

Seattle World Tour Musician Relief Fund

The third annual Seattle World Tour raised $12,500 for the non-profit’s Musician Relief Fund. With that money, they are able to give back to the local music community by providing twenty-five $500 grants to artists in need. You can apply from now until August 24th. Grants will be sent out on September 8th. If you are a full-time resident of Washington state, you can click here to apply today. 

Word Around the Sound: Seattle World Tour Musician Relief Fund is accepting applications through August 24th

Toe Jam Block Party at Mediums Collective 

If you’re looking for something that is similar to Capitol Hill Block Party but that avoids the big production of the festival, legendary underground party planners Toe Jam have partnered with Mediums Collective to throw their own Block Party on Saturday, July 22. Just a couple blocks down the street from the big event, the Toe Jam Block Party will feature a variety of talented locals including David Shawty, Jagua, Fredo B, John Thomas and more. The Mediums Collective storefront will open their doors at 5pm with tickets starting at just $10.

Toe Jam Block Party at Mediums Collective

Super Jams Social Club

If you’re like me, and you enjoy going out on weeknights, you probably know the struggle of trying to find something that’s just as popping during the week as it may be on the weekend. Thanks to Anthony Danza and friends, Super Jams Social Club is providing you an opportunity to turn up on a Tuesday night. Each Tuesday, pop over to the Fish Ladder Lounge (formerly Shelter Lounge) in Ballard for Super Jams with music, food, drinks and overall good vibes. 

Word Around the Sound: Super Jams Social Club at the Fish Ladder Lounge in Ballard on Tuesday nights

Downtown Summer Sounds 

The Downtown Seattle Association has a long history of throwing outdoor concerts at local parks. This year, their Downtown Summer Sounds series is brimming with talented locals who will be performing at various city parks from July 7 through September 8. Check out the full lineup and make your plans now! 

Word Around the Sound: Downtown Summer Sounds concert series

XO Seattle

XO Seattle “is a love note to the creative community of the Pacific Northwest.” The “create non-traditional ways of experiencing and engaging with art by partnering with building owners, artists, arts communities and organizations to activate spaces in transition, shining a light on dormant buildings in Seattle with impermanent cultural programming and art-centric events.”

From July 14 through July 30, XO Seattle will host a variety of events at the historic Coliseum Theater. They’ll be renovating and restoring the building to create a vibrant art exhibit space which will showcase various types of art from a variety of artists. Opening weekend with Hrvst House is already sold-out but check out their lineup of upcoming events and plan your trip today.

Poster artwork by Auxiliary

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