I like to spend my evenings unwinding with a blunt after a long day at work. The town I live in is Auburn, WA and it has two weed stores, one at each end of town. Even though they’re at the opposite end of town, The Stash Box had always been on my list of places to visit. I finally decided it was time to make the trip after a long day of sitting in training for work. I’m extremely glad that I went because along with my G-13, I purchased some High Hemp organic wraps with CBD in them to roll my blunt with. As I exited the store, I became more excited about getting home. I’ve heard great things about these wraps and now it was time to finally try them.

Blunt wrap

Daddy Fat Sacks G-13 and High Hemp Maui Mango Wraps

Daddy Fat Sacks places their product in good size glass jars. They rival the size that some companies use for their eighths. When I opened the jar, a super sweet earth smell immediately filled my room. I had to take a step back and make sure that none of my other jars were open.

Dense nugs filled the jar as I inspected my purchase. The excitement continued to grow as I got closer to rolling up my blunt. A frosty white blended in with the green of the weed as I rolled the nugs around in my hand. I almost forgot about the wraps I was so distracted by the weed.


G-13 from Daddy Fat Sacks

Upon opening the package a fresh mango smell filled the air. The combination of G-13 and Mango was a very enticing smell that I was eager to enjoy. High Hemp wraps are not easy to roll with and should not be taken on by someone who has never rolled a blunt or a joint before. My blunt was rolled eventually and I was ready to smoke.

The combination of flavors was amazing. The intense body high from G-13 made it hard for me to not just sit back on my couch. I found myself relaxed, but also awake. None of the traditional sleepy Indica effects ever showed up. Munchies came and I started thinking about how awesome this would be to smoke before starting on Thanksgiving appetizers. I might consider this my main course weed, but it is too early to make that decision. Daddy Fat Sacks does an amazing job with this strain and it should definitely be in your Thanksgiving plans.

G-13 Cannabinoid Breakdown

THC: 20.53%

CBD: .17%

THCA: 23.03%

You can find G-13 from Daddy Fat Sacks at the following locations: The Stash Box in Auburn, WA and Spokane Green Leaf in Spokane, WA.