One of the turning points in my marijuana consuming career was when I realized that my local dispensaries were always throwing DEALS when it came to pre-rolled joints. Not only do you get more bang for your buck compared to the standard $10/g, they’re usually filled with potent ass weed, maybe even kief, and it saves me the time and effort of trying to roll something as dank myself. That being said, I’m always on the lookout for a new brand to “WOW” me with their pre-rolls. Well, after some extensive research…I’m happy to report that the Sativa-blend pre-roll by G-Stik was thoroughly impressive and will be added to my rotation when I’m out looking for a J.


G-Stiks are produced by G FarmaLabs, a family-owned and operated company out of California with ancestry relating back to “Master Cuban Tobacco Blenders.” You may be thinking, why would I buy weed from people who have roots in the tobacco industry, but they explain on their website that “both commercial enterprises are different and distinctive in effects and abuse, yet mirror each other at the harvesting, drying, and blending stages.” Meaning, they took all the good techniques they knew from tobacco harvesting and applied it to weed harvesting, helping ensure every batch comes out consistent. 


I have to start out the review by saying this is not your average pre-roll. Not only does it contain a full gram of G FarmaLab’s premium sativa blend, it’s also infused with kief to make sure it burns evenly. On top of all that…it’s coated in Liquid Gold CO2 extraction cannabis oil! The oil is an amazing touch, adding potency and a slower burn to the joint, so you can sit back, enjoy your smoke at a leisurely pace, and know that you’re getting the most out of your pre-roll.

My experience smoking one was extremely satisfying. Although it became a tad limp due to mishandling when passing it around (my friend is sort of a rookie,) it burned even all the way down and lasted about 10 minutes between the three of us. The taste wasn’t anything special, just the classic skunky, kush-esque flavor that you’d think of when you smoke pot.

However, where this joint lacks in aroma, it absolutely makes up for it in potency. Clocking in at 27% THC, this sativa packs quiet the punch and the high comes on fast too. I felt the high in my eyes by the time it got passed back to me.

That high lasted me a solid two hours, which is impressive considering my high tolerance. The high was very heady. I was able to play a game of frisbee and walk around downtown Tacoma, but my thoughts were all over the place and my sentences/replies were definitely coming out slow. In other words, I was really baked (yay!)

In conclusion, if you need a reliable pre-roll that will burn slow, even, and get you stoney-bologna for a couple hours, grab a G-Stik and know you’ll be taken care of.

g-stikCannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 27.1%
  • CBD: 0.41%


  • Sativa-blend
  • Contains kief for smooth burn
  • Dipped in Liquid Gold CO2 extraction cannabis oil for slow burn
  • Very potent
  • The Game is the official brand ambassador
  • Flavor Profile: Earthy
  • Aroma Profile: Skunky


Where to Find G-Stik “Amarillo” Sativa Blend

  • Fweedom
  • Uncle Ike’s- Capitol Hill and Union