Gabriel Cannabis is doing something fun and unique to select the next strain in their garden, a crowd-sourced Lemon Sorbet pheno hunt. This is weed version of Lays and Doritos letting you vote for the next flavor of chips.  This is a great way for a brand to interact with their customers, and educate people about cannabis.

Getting two phenotypes at the same time shows you how phenotypes differ so greatly, even though they come from the same strain. Smoking both phenotypes and rating them side by side gives some insight into an actual pheno hunt, and what cannabis breeders think about while their selecting strains for their garden.

I commend Gabriel for trying something new. A legal and free market gives brands the freedom to experiment like this. I hope more brands take notes and we see more experimental product releases in the future.

Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Score Card

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner



It’s a draw. Both phenotypes look fantastic. Fluffy flowers lost in milky trichomes that cover light green and purple colors. Laying these strains next to each other, it was hard to tell the difference, but that’s where the similarities end.

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner



Lemon Sorbet #2

So I have phenotype #2 as the winner, but it’s with a caveat. Both of these strains smelt good in their own ways. Phenotype #2 smells like fruity lemons and a sour musky earth. Phenotype #3 actually smelt better to me. It has a wonderful berry aroma that was similar to their Rainbow Sherbet strain, but it didn’t smell like lemons to me. And when I see a strain with lemon in the name, I want some lemon aromas, so I went with #2.

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner


Lemon Sorbet #3

Both of these phenotypes had earthy flavors, with hints of lemons and berries. However, #3 had what I would describe as a full flavor, it stuck to your pallet for a few minutes after I was done smoking. Phenotype #3 was also a touch smoother on the inhale, so I’m giving it the slight edge on flavor.

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner


Lemon Sorbet #3

While Lemon Sorbet #2 was a fun bubbly social strain for me, Lemon Sorbet #3 is my kind of strain. It hit me hard in the chest and diaphragm area, deepening my breaths and warming my entire body. This strain also gave me a strong mental focus that helped me write the night away. Lemon Sorbet #3 was quite a bit stronger and the effects were more direct, and that’s why it gets the edge over Lemon Sorbet #2.

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner

Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner

Lemon Sorbet #3

Both of these strains are great, but Lemon Sorbet #3 is my winner. The smell is on point, it tastes even better and the effects are out of this world. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Lemon Sorbet #3 again if it wins a permanent spot in Gabriel’s starting lineup.

The Gabriel Cannabis Lemon Sorbet Pheno Hunt Winner