Getting gaffled is the act of being taken advantage of, swindled, or otherwise tricked. Yes, it’s frustrating that this is still going on. And it happens from mainstream all the way down to the underground. When I first began my journey in Hip-Hop, it hit closest to home because I went to school with an artist rumored of being gaffled. This was the legendary rapper taken advantage of in a deal with a record label in 1991. Today I find out people are still taking advantage of emerging artists with talent. They are making a profit off of other people’s work. You obviously don’t want this to happen.

Enter the REK. Here comes a long-awaited San Mateo Artist and DJ who has done shows all around the Bay Area. He has been on many journeys with Y2K Associates, Lex Luther Entertainment, and Dyverse Productions. Thanks to the web, he has fans around the world wanting to hear and see more of his music.

He goes by K-REK aka DJ Tox and has an upcoming release “CHANGE.” This is a moving song that he wrote about the passing of his father. It is a must-hear that will bring comfort to the heart of anyone who has lost someone they loved. This track will release soon pending completion of the mix, performed by the former VP of Pandora.

K-Rek of KOREK

This Indie Artist can be found on digital platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Google Play, Amazon Music, Reverbnation, CDBABY, LAFTFM.COM, and eBay. He is an exceptional storyteller relaying his experiences in the hood. It has been a struggle to dodge turf dummies while sustaining his livelihood and that of his family. The bulk of his fans have remained loyal due to his work “NO ROADS CAN HOLD ME” up on YouTube.

One of his fans’ favorites called “The Reasons” featuring myself Lex Luther aka KOZY aka Cigarface. I tend to keep a Zig Zag wrap stuffed with Sativa clenched in my mouth. Coming together as a group KOZY and K-REK formed the new brand “KOREK,” a San Mateo–East Palo Alto collaboration with hype songs about smoking marijuana, making money from stripper shows, and dreams of growing into the characters we portray in our lyrical episodes.

Our relationship has grown over the course of 10 years and began with a meeting behind county walls. Leaving incarceration behind and many songs after, we’re on the verge of releasing 2 new hot hits. “CAN I BUST” the weed song, and “MAKE IT POP” the twerk song are both pending release upon mixes and videos. These two tracks will show that we are Bay Area underground vets who haven’t given up. We remain relevant, and our talent has withstood the test of time.

Managing difficult schedules and lives in the expensive Silicon Valley has not stopped the motion of progress, but it is hampered when artists are taken advantage of and are still getting gaffled in the game. K-Rek sees an online interview with Dyverse productions. Dyverse responsible for much of the music production behind K-REK and his releases. K-REK contributed 40% lyrical content toward the creation of “THE LEVY” 1 AND 2 released by Dyverse productions and has never been paid from it.

It’s Not Ok, and It’s Not Right

Through conversation with family members and confirmation in this online interview, it was revealed that Dyverse Productions over the course of 10 years moved 3500 units for which No Artists who created it have been paid. So this is approximately $35,000 that hasn’t been reported and gone straight into the pocket of the Label CEO. Artists should be compensated for the hard work that they put in but there are still those who take advantage and rip people off like it’s ok.

It’s not ok, and it’s not right. All artists need to protect themselves when creating music for more than a hobby. If you are trying to make a career out of your talent you need to treat it as a business and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your work because there is someone who will steal from you when the opportunity presents itself.

Don’t Get Gaffled. HIRE A LAWYER!

If you do find yourself in a situation like this where you have made music that has been stolen or other people have made money from your talent without your permission. You have a right to seek damages through an entertainment attorney such as The Hollywood Lawyer. Don’t get gaffled in the game.  

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