Dance-electronic duo Galantis have been on fire lately with rapid-fire dance hits, and their latest track “San Francisco” further adds to their collection of pop anthems. The bubblegum-sweet dance anthem features actress and singer Sofia Carson.

Carson is best known for her role on Disney’s Descendants series. Her pop music career includes singles like “Love Is The Name” and “Ins and Outs.” “San Francisco” is her first venture into dance music territory, and what better EDM artist to team up with than Galantis?

“San Francisco” is best described as a happy-go-lucky dance anthem with its description of a night out in the city, and the accompanying sparkling, neon-colored music video. The track is largely driven by Sofia Carson’s vocals, which are heavily edited for most of the track, and mixed with synths for a distinctly electronic vibe.

The overall track is reminiscent of something from Zedd or The Chainsmokers stylistically. The lyrics have the same quirky love story vibe, down to the description of smoking cheap cigarettes and having your car repossessed. Plus, the vocal mixing sounds nearly identical to the style used in the chorus of Zedd’s hit song “Stay.”

Is “San Francisco” engineered to be similar to other EDM hits of 2018? Maybe. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d advice you to kick back and give the track a listen with an open mind and a curiosity to hear from some new vocal talent on the EDM scene.

Give “San Francisco” a listen below and let us know what you think! Did Galantis finish out the year strong? Or is this track not your style?

Galantis – “San Francisco” Feat. Sofia Carson