From May 20th until June 20th, Gemini season is upon us. Hitting us in 2020, in the middle of several major planetary retrogrades, the mercurial Gemini energy is being filtered through intense contextual issues. Though Gemini would rather be partying, the heaviness of its societal/celestial milieu this year has demanded that the Gemini forces step up to the fight.

In 2020, the usually frothy springtime Gemini gossip has been transfigured into the essential communication of the people. Gemini battles injustice with words, messages, and immediate expressions that pierce to the heart of our times.

When clear communication is key, an energetic smoke is a good choice. For Gemini season, our recommendations include strains which offer a creative buzz and an airy lift. The following five cannabis strains go well with all Gemini placements:

Zkittles Cake by Jungle Boys

The “serene focus” we get from the indica-dominant Zkittles Cake strain by Jungle Boys is a complement to the somewhat scattered quality of Gemini season. As the world electrifies itself into action through spirited messages, a strain that steadies our attention can help us turn this energy into effective action.

The Super Loud Zkittlez Cake Strain Will Give You A Sugar Rush With A Heavy Crash

Maui Waui aka Maui Wowie

A well-loved classic, the sativa strain Maui Waui is a warm breeze on the brain, perfect for Geminis who hate being called “airheads” but love being considered “open-minded.” Maui Waui offers smooth mental clarity, easing the process of hoarding facts and data for use in later arguments.

Sour Cookies

This sativa-dominant strain is not for beginners, but usually, neither are Geminis. The mental high brought on by Sour Cookies may invite the frenetic feelings that keep Gemini hooked on ASMR videos. For those who can handle the stimulation, Sour Cookies might help Gemini sift through data like a machine.

Tangie Cookies by Elev8 Seeds

Like Gemini, this hybrid strain is a paradoxical blend of polar opposites. The initial citrus breath of Tangie Cookies enlivens the mind with a sense of purpose and then yields to a fresh open high that relieves us of forced urgency. With Tangie Cookies, Gemini keeps its options open.

Reviewing The Tangie Cookies Strain From Exotikz

Amherst Sour Diesel

When Gemini has a question, they have very little chill about getting an answer. Or rather, several answers from multiple different sources. What can we smoke to feed that curiosity? Amherst Sour Diesel is potentially the answer. A good answer. An answer that Gemini can smoke.

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