GeometrickFX is a 23-year-old beatboxer that has aspirations to revolutionize the art form and take it to the next level. Beatboxing is a unique vocal style created as a functional pillar of hip-hop. Hip-hop legends Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie, Rahzel cemented the vocal style as a certified artform. Beatboxing is a unique art form that holds a lot of weight on a stage while revealing many potential vocal abilities humans have.

Talented beatboxers show the ability to replicate speech patterns and sounds from languages, they have no familiarity with at all. Scientists found that a beatboxer who primarily spoke English and Spanish could produce clicks heard in African languages like Xhosa from South Africa, Khoekhoe from Botswana, and !Xóõ from Namibia.

GeometrickFX’s level of mimicry is out of this world. His longer performances showcase incredible transitions to different songs, genres, BPMs, you name it. Geo’s talents have a lot of versatility. Whether he’s sucking you into a dimly lit studio session or entertaining a crowded nightclub, he’s producing something audibly incredible. Songs, sounds, and samples come at the drop of a hat, and it’s hard to wrap your mind around his vocal medley in the best way.

GeoMetrickFX just won the Battle Mouth Discord Tournament hosted By BMBBeatBox. It’s obvious the kid has been keeping his skills sharp even through the quarantine by not only competing but producing content on all of his social media channels. You can catch up with his Starbucks bathroom freestyles and beatbox battles on his Twitter and YouTube.

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