I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Ghost MV1 and all the accouterments that come with it. As a 90’s baby, it should come as no surprise that I love handheld gadgets. It all started with calculators, Gameboys, and anything else with buttons and/or a screen. As I began consuming cannabis at the end of high school, I naturally fell into an obsession with finding new toys for consumption.

As a singer, vaping has also held large appeal to me, and I’ve tried many different products to avoid carcinogens. Everything from table-top vapes, to volcanoes, to dry-vapes and dab pens and beyond. I also lead a very mobile lifestyle in Seattle and utilize public transit to get around. Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for something discreet, sturdy, and dependable that produces big, yet smooth smoke.

Ghost MV1 Bundle Unboxing

Undeniably, the packaging of this product is clean. The box opens up in a way that could easily be put on display. The unit itself is sleek and has a noticeable weight to it. I have no doubt that this comes from the vape’s air path-related materials all being medical-grade.

I’ve had portable vapes in the past for dry herb that felt too light, and plastic-y that worried me considering how hot the thing gets. The MV1 feels sturdy, though a bit too bulky to carry around in my pocket.

Respectively, the bundle comes with the Ghost MV1 (there are four colors), a fast-charger, spare battery, and crucible dispenser. The crucible is the ceramic container you put your flower (or concentrates) in. The dispenser holds up to five spare crucibles with lids. You can pick all this up for around $395.

Battery Specs

This battery is a beast. Albeit a bit heavy, it nary needs a charge. I was able to easily use the vape over 3+ days without having to worry about charging. This battery pack comes with a chip built-in to properly regulate the use of its power to the unit at all times.

MV1 Specs

The air path materials in this vape are “medical grade.” What does that mean? It means the ceramic zirconia mouthpiece sleeve, borosilicate glass mouthpiece, and tiny silicone fittings are high-quality and durable.

I found out you can take apart the whole upper piece of this unit for cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. This is a crucial deal-breaker for me when it comes to vapes you load oil or flower into. They get sticky, stinky, and eventually, everything tastes the same. I found the wipe-down and cleaning of all the parts of this thing pleasantly doable.


The Ghost MV1 comes with two buttons and six heat settings. Three for flower, and three for concentrates. For a first-timer, this device may be a little tricky to use, but the learning curve isn’t too difficult. You can rotate through the heat settings by using the larger silver button on the unit, but I found using the app to be easier.

What’s more is that I noticed the app pairs with your Ghost MV1 via Bluetooth one time, and never has issues reconnecting afterward. It’s never crashed on me, and reconnecting to the vape takes seconds if you jump right into the app. I’d say the functionality of the app in conjunction with the MV1 eases use overall for anyone seasoned or new to the experience of vaping.

For Dry Vaping

For vaping flower, I recommend grinding up your goodies (not too finely!) and loading them loosely-packed into the crucible. Upon loading the crucible into the vape, I found moving up from a lower to a higher temperature gives the most flavor. I loaded up some tasty Blueberry from Mad Mark and got about 10-12 hits from one crucible before the popcorn flavor became prevalent.

If you start with it on the lowest heat setting, then the medium setting, taking two rips each time really showcases the terpene profile of the flower. Finishing off on the highest heat setting for the last several pulls will get you coughing and plenty stoned. Often when smoking some choice flower out of my pipe, some of the flavor I want to taste is lost. The first lower-temped draws off the MV1 gave me the terpene-rich taste I sought from the flower.

For Concentrates

The MV1 comes with a stainless steel mesh pad to put into your crucible for concentrates. I recommend staying away from terp sauces or greasy sugar resins. You’ll want things that are closer to crumble or shatter. Anything you can grab directly with your fingers will create less mess.

Ghost MV1 Review—My Experience Using The Dry Herb Vape On-The-GoEven though the app offers three higher-heat settings, you only need to go to the highest one for concentrates (it’s labeled C.) Holding down the back button ergonomically suited for your thumb will vibrate noticeably to signal it’s instantly ready. The diffused convection heating offered by the MV1 soaks the concentrate into the mesh pad on the first hit. The following rips are even, and strong.

The only thing with using the MV1 for oil is that you need to keep it in the upright position while vaping to keep the contents within the crucible. One small dab will still produce the same 10-12 hits you’d get from a crucible loaded with flower.

At-Home Use

When I’m at home, I like to end the day with a sizeable dab. No portable vape is going to match the brain-numbing blast from a well-heated quartz banger. That being said, the MV1 does offer easier access to consuming my favorite oils when I’m doing other things. Loading up a dab on my rig is both a task and noisy due to the torch.

If I’m watching a movie with my girlfriend or working on writing, it’s easier to load up a crucible with a little dab to smoke on. This way it doesn’t require me to drop what I’m doing completely or create any noise. Not to mention the MV1 heats up instantly for one-pulls that you can always come back to later without wasting product or flavor. No other vape on the market offers on-demand convection heating like this.


As mentioned, I’m often in transit, away from home, and out-and-about. The ability to easily and discreetly consume cannabis throughout my day is a must. This is where the crucible dispenser really comes in handy.Ghost MV1 Review—My Experience Using The Dry Herb Vape On-The-Go

Although loading up a crucible at home is indeed easier than readying a dab on your rig, it’s a little more difficult out in the world. I recommend grinding up your flower, and loading a few crucibles to put in your dispenser before heading out. This will make it easier to load and reload the MV1 on-the-go.


With a bit of getting-used-to, the Ghost MV1 can be your one-stop-shop for microdosing flower or concentrates throughout the day. Since each crucible allows for less than .5 of a gram in each load, and you’re getting over ten rips from that, it’s a great saver. Utilizing the crucible dispenser to load up 5 doses to get you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a favorable application of this vape in my experience.

Adjustable glass mouthpiece for controlled airflow, a powerful battery, and instant convection heating amount to a solid product in my book. I also found the app to be a fun, yet useful tool to navigate a pretty intelligent smoking device. The only drawbacks I see from this device are its bulkiness, and potential for someone to lose some of the smaller pieces.

Otherwise, I’ve found it a nice addition to my backpack in my day-to-day life working in downtown Seattle. As many folks around here carry rather large vapes for smoking nicotine, I don’t look out of place taking pulls off my Ghost MV1 walking down the street.



Flower And Concentrate Recommendations

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