The Ghost OG strain is a gorgeous cut of OG Kush that’s found its own level of celebrity attention. This strain has found so much popularity in part to its potent yet manageable high. Many claim the Ghost OG to be the perfect balance of cerebral and pain-relieving effects. Up and down the West Coast, there will always be immense popularity with cuts of OG Kush. High octane floral citrus aromas emanate from the gorgeous buds of the Ghost OG.

Looking at a nug of the Ghost OG strain, you’ll immediately notice an outrageously dense collection of trichomes blanketing its surface. It’s almost hard to tell what color the nugs are from how glaringly thick the trichomes cover its surface. But, you can make out some rich green hues that contrast beautifully with the electric orange pistils that jut out. On the nose, this strain has a strong whiff of citrus. Breaking a nug open will reveal a deeper pocket of smells ranging from lemony to earthy and spicy.

The dominant terpenes in the Ghost OG strain are myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. By looking at this combination of terps, the individual qualities of each make up a complex aromatic profile in this cultivar. These are the classic three you see coming up in different orders for strains with very strong potential for potent relaxation.

Ghost OG Strain by Kush Family Originals

Photo by @photonextractions for Kush Family Originals

The myrcene is playing more of a supplemental role to the limonene in adding a tad more sweetness to the overall lemon zest. Myrcene is responsible for potentially aiding in this strain’s calming and comforting qualities. Limonene is a popular terpene in cleaning supplies and perfume and adds a citrus twist of potential anxiety-relieving effects. Beta-caryophyllene interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors to help produce anti-inflammatory effects. It also has a nice peppery, spicy kick that can also come across as musky or sour.

Smoking on some of the Ghost OG might find you quickly in a state of stoney bliss. The lemony flavors will still show up slightly on the smoke, as earthy spice predominantly takes over. Ghost OG has become a lowkey legend in its own rite and continues to captivate customers on the West Coast. Those seeking potential relief from pain, insomnia, or depression should consider picking up some of this strong strain.

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