Gl0bal, a Canadian DJ and producer, recently released a new startling EP “Insomnia 2.” The five songs that make up this sequel to Gl0bal’s first EP, “Insomnia” (2019,) are different in more ways than one.

‘Darkness’, the first track on the EP, has house-ish hues whereas ‘My Will’ features rap-like vocals. The last track off the EP ‘WYN’ is downright dirty. This is a dynamic creative by Gl0bal to say the least and truly shows off his diversity as a producer. We had the opportunity to catch up with him and talk about the creative process behind his new EP, “Insomnia 2”

Gl0bal Exclusive Interview

Why did you decide to make the Insomnia 2 EP following the release of your original Insomnia EP back in 2019?

“My overall goal has been to create a series that showcases my growth as an artist and tells a story to my fans. Insomnia is basically my second chapter and each song (released and unreleased) focuses on things that are going on in my own life.”

Alex Cortes is featured on both your EP’s, tell me about this relationship?

“Alex is a producer I discovered on Soundcloud. He had a few hundred followers at the time and I really liked his production so I reached out. We work well together and I like the ideas he puts forward so it was an easy decision to have him on both EPs.”

How did the creative process differ from creating Insomnia 2 from Insomnia?

“The process was somewhat similar to be honest, I took a step back and basically evaluated where am I currently and what story do I want to try to tell and that’s basically how these projects came to be.”

Although Insomnia 2 only has five tracks, they all vary in sound. For example, ‘My Will’ and ‘WYN’ have a much heavier sound than the other three tracks on the EP. How do you decide the sound you want to put out to listeners?

“For ‘My Will’ most anime fans can tell where I drew my inspiration from so I knew right away I needed to include some sharp sounds to simulate battle. For ‘WYN’, I love creating downtempo trap records and wanted to give fans a super heavy bass drop that they can vibe out to.”

What does the word Insomnia mean to you?

“Insomnia is a reminder to me not to fall asleep at the wheel and to keep my foot on the gas with my music goals.”

When asked about the artists Gl0bal has on repeat this week, his favorites include:

Drake, Future, Rick Ross, Excision, Adventure Club, Illenium, and Pop Smoke

After only releasing singles and EP’s, are you leaning more towards a full-length next?

“After I release a couple more EP’s I believe a full-length album will be in the cards. At this stage, I would like to continue building my brand before getting to that point.”

Until then, check out Gl0bal’s work and experience what insomnia means to you.

Album via Spotify