Glass House Farms Flo White is a sativa dominant mix of Flo and The White strains. 

The White is a mysterious strain believed to have originated somewhere in Florida. The White is not related to the eponymous White Widow, as one might assume. Instead, the unusual, dewy white color of the harvest-ready flower inspired its name.

Flo was born in the ’90s, when DJ Short combined Purple Thai with Afghani indica, creating a potent medicinal strain. 

Glass House Farms works with premium craft cannabis growers to produce small-batch harvests for their Grower’s Choice category. Their limited edition runs aim to provide “flower that is truly outstanding.” 

In this West Coast Weed Tour Review, Respect My Region’s Joey Brabo tries Glass House Farms Flo White to find out how this flower measures up.

First Impressions

Glass House Farms Flo White comes in a glass jar with a black plastic lid. The labeling looks good, and a grower’s card details what to expect from the product. Packaging lists cannabinoid content with 28.33 percent total cannabinoids, with 24.6 percent THC and 0.06 percent CBD.

The bright green nug smells herby and citrusy, with an earthy musk, but I didn’t get the sage scent detailed on the grower’s card. Breaking open the bud, the aroma became much sweeter, with a more pronounced earthy scent and maybe some spice.

The first hit from the bong (courtesy of Higher Standards and Keith Haring) gave me a sweet and tangy inhale with an interesting hint of cheese. I immediately felt energized and ready to go. 

A second snapper tasted more citrusy, with just a hint of the classic herbacious sour weed flavor and a cheesy musk on the exhale. The Flo’s roots as an early medicinal strain were apparent in the relief it gave from body aches and pains.


The labeling for Glass House Farms Flo White describes it as “herbal and lucid.” I felt clear-headed after smoking this, and it did smell and taste nicely herbal. 

I appreciate the grower’s card included with the product. However, I would like to see information on genetics, lineage, and terpene profile included.

While this strain is missing a lot of that signature dank, gassy, sour smell expected from West Coast weed, the flower’s herbal, cheesy musk is appealing and the bud is strong and solid.

Overall, this strain seems true to its intended outcome, so I give Glass House Farms Flo White a healthy 9.25.

I am less familiar with the Flo White strain itself, so I can’t say whether this particular cultivar is the best version of itself. But it is definitely something I want to try again, so stay tuned for future reviews of batches from other dispensaries.

Watch Joey Brabo’s full review below, and let us know if you’ve tried this strain before and what you think. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a detailed scorecard.

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