The GMO Pre-roll by Mother Nature’s Remedy was a recommendation I got when I said I wanted to try the best of the best. Located in Woodland Hills, CA, Mother Nature’s Remedy is a dope dispensary that sells all sorts of wellness items. From cold-pressed juices, coffee, bulk herbs, and some incredible cannabis, I was impressed with the diverse selection. You’ll be amazed by the professionalism and excellent service like I was.

This GMO pre-roll joint was one gram, an indica dominant hybrid, and costs around 12 dollars. The jay is in a sturdy plastic beige tube that I joke is “childproof af” in the video review.

RMR Joey holding up the GMO Pre-Roll Joint from the WCWT review

To my frustration, the tube was a bit hard to open, but the pay off was worth it. I held up the extended end to my nose to get a whiff and man. The vibrant flavor was so intoxicating—hints of spicy notes and earthy flavor. That I take out the joint and notice it’s RAW paper was a bit too tight. I massaged it to loosen it so I can start this GMO pre-roll joint review.

One hit, I’ll talk about it. 2 hits, and then final score. You guys already know. Run it.

Lighting the tip took some time, and the burn did come out a bit wonky. I took my first inhale, and there was a decent flavor on the pull. On the second hit, the burn improves, and there is decent white smoke emerging from the cherry. The luck of this joint seems to be turning around because the build-up of flavor is pretty substantial for its rocky start. I even took a third hit!

I think it’s a solid jay, and the feedback from me for the final score will reflect that for this GMO pre-roll joint. Overall, Mother Nature’s Remedy did hook me up with an excellent cannabis product, and I would say I would experience it again. The roll itself on my jay was the only negative, but if that improves this pre-roll will become a hit.

RMR Joey holding the rolled joint for observation

With this being one of my West Coast Weed Tour 2020 reviews, I highly recommend that all of you watch my official review video below so that each of you can get a more in-depth perspective of my entire experience.

In these review videos, I talk about the appearance, flavor, price, smell, burn, after-taste, and give the product an official score out of 100 points. For this video, I gave a score out of 10 since it was part of my Joint Effort pre-roll review series, and then used that number to scale it out for the West Coast Weed Tour competition rating system.

Check out my video review below!

If you don’t want to watch and hear my thoughts on the products, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products we review on the WCWT is also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

The GMO pre-roll joint hits you right where you want it for an affordable 12 dollar price. It’s a nice constant of flavor that the GMO strain is known for: earthy, spicy, and savory; it leaves you wanting more. And I would try it again, but the quality of the rolling may have to improve a bit.

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GMO Pre-Rolled Joint Review Feat. Mother Nature’s Remedy In Woodland Hills
78%Overall Score
Experience 83%
More information available 71%
Would You Recommend 85%

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