I’m sure that associating God and cannabis together offends someone. In fact, I’m almost positive it would. However, that should not deter you from trying out this wonderful God Bud live resin from 710 Reserve. When I had my medical card in college, I remember enjoying it a number of times.

Concentrates were not as popular as they are now with the exception of hash. I remember being able to get God Bud in flower form at a few dispensaries in Seattle and both times were fire. When I noticed it in the last chance case at The Evergreen Market in Auburn, I knew I had to try it.

God Bud - 710 Reserve Cannabis Review

God Bud Live Resin

This potent indica strain is a cross of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and a mysterious Canadian strain according to Leafly. The number 710 spells oil when you flip it upside down. Since I play team disc golf, my team happens to be 710 due to our shared love of oil. This purchase was really just meant to happen.

710 Reserve avoids the controversial silicone packaging used by some companies and opts for a plastic jar with a rubber lid. A light yellow concentrate resides in the bottom of the dish. I found the lack of stickiness made it hard to get a glob onto my dabber, but the shovel-shaped end saved the day.

God Bud - 710 Reserve Cannabis Review

Live Resin – 710 Reserve

This concentrate has a definite fruity aroma to it. Reminiscent of fresh tropical fruit at a farmers market. Throughout the entire high, I felt as if I was floating on clouds in slow motion. I found myself lost on Reddit without worrying about much of anything. I would have easily forgotten about eating dinner if I did not already have meatloaf cooking in the oven.

God Bud Cannabinoid Breakdown

Total THC: 71.78%

Total Cannabinoids: 72.55%

You can buy God Bud from 710 Reserve at The Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA. Check out the new Aaron Cohen LP ‘See Red’ while you take some dabs.

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