The NorCal Cannabis Cup put on by High Times awarded first place for Best Vape Cartridge and it’s Gold Drop Co. They also placed first in Best CBD Vape Cartridge with a collaboration they did with Blue River and Talking Trees Farms—Gold Drop is making huge moves.

We here at RMR wanted to take a second to examine these hustlers and their products and examine how they’ve received over 85 awards at professional cannabis competitions over the years. It should come as no surprise that expert craftsmanship and obsession with detail are at the forefront of Gold Drop.

First, The Winning Vape Cartridge

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis Cup

Big Lemons Vape Cartridge by Gold Drop with Lemon Tree

The judges at High Times remarked on the uplifting high, yet subtle flavor of the oil and the overall smoothness of the toke. The cartridge is filled with a hybrid cross between Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. A veritably powerful Sativa-dominant strain to lock you in your head for hours. The flower for which Gold Drop also produces.

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis Cup

So Who Is Gold Drop? What Else Do They Do?

Gold Drop Co. is a medical cannabis company committed to setting the industry standards in quality, dedication and customer satisfaction. They provide a diverse comprehensive menu of premium cannabis products to patients within the state of California.

They meticulously grow each and every plant with superiority in mind. Their gardens span from the cutting-edge indoor garden to large-scale sun-grown gardens. These award-winning flowers born in their own gardens could be a reason why Gold Drop concentrates consistently win awards? We think so.

No Fluff, Just The Good Stuff

Gold Drop Vape Cartridges are pre-filled using a distilled cannabis oil that is pure and high in potency. Rich in cannabinoids, it is odorless and flavorless in its raw form.

The distillate is purified utilizing a combination temperature and pressure resulting in a product free from residual solvents and inactive compounds.

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis Cup

Choose Your Strength

White Standard – HIGH

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis CupA premium, entry-level vapor cartridge at an affordable price. Their high potency distillate is infused with botanical terpenes and a minimal amount of a wicking agent for a superior flavor and smell. Conveniently pre-filled in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg sized vapor cartridges for a discreet experience.

Black Standard – HIGHER

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis CupOur un-cut ultra-premium distillate oil pre-filled in a stainless-steel/glass vapor cartridge. A step up in potency at a competitive price using their high potency cannabis oil with a comprehensive botanical (organic, plant-derived) terpene mixture that allows for the taste to be more true to the strain.

Gold Standard – HIGHEST

Gold Drop's Vape Cartridge Takes The Gold At NorCal Cannabis CupIn collaboration with Blue River extracts and top-tier farms, these are their seasonal top-shelf connoisseur cartridges. Gold Drop’s high potency single source distillate oil infused with its corresponding single source cannabis-derived terpenes by Blue River pre-filled in a 500mg stainless-steel/glass cartridge.


The growing popularity of concentrates is literally changing the dichotomy of stoners in the modern world.  Stoolie’s and tattle tails alike can no longer complain about the “pot smell”—this is huge! Companies like Gold Drop in California are pushing mad oil in these little cartridges.

Meanwhile, people are smoking them up and down your city streets and no one is the wiser! This notion alone has had me on the fast-track to getting educated. Who doesn’t love being able to smoke-up wherever you want without a single harsh vibe or weird look?

Dive into their website to find the nearest LOCATION you can acquire their clean, quality product.