Yanet Caliz is the CEO and founder of the lifestyle and wellness cannabis company, Gold Spectrum CBD. The company creates certified high-quality CBD to naturally support health and wellness. Gold Spectrum CBD products are made in smaller and easier to manage batches to assure product quality and CBD concentration. Gold Spectrum full-spectrum CBD products contain about ten times the amount of most competitors. The company attributes their product’s superior quality to the starting material. The most potent American grown hemp plants.

This L.A. based cannabis company brings over two decades of “dedicated research, testing, quality control, and meticulous formulation,” to every one of their nutraceutical products. This interview with CEO Yanet Caliz reveals her profound pride for her company and it’s many successful CBD products.

Gold Spectrum – Yanet Caliz Exclusive Interview

Gold Spectrum Products
Image via Gold Spectrum Instagram

What Inspired You To Create Your “Gold Spectrum” CBD Company?

“Well, thanks for having me for this interview. I was inspired after seeing the great benefits of the cannabis plant extract on my mother and most of my older family members. They all suffer from very young ages illnesses and chronic aches and other issues. And so they started to try it. And thank God I don’t have any health issues, but I wanted to try it, and my body just started feeling the benefits of a little bit (of relief from) chronic pains, and I thought, ‘Wow, this stuff really works.’ And that’s how I started Gold Spectrum. “

Why Did You Specialize In CBD? What Items Would You Say Are Popular Among Your Customers? 

“Because of the natural benefits to your whole health. And after I started learning and studying and researching, I found out that we as humans do have an endocannabinoid system. And that it produces very small amounts of CBD naturally in our body. So what we do is boosting our endocannabinoid system. And I was like, ‘This is fascinating.’ I am going to specialize in it. Our most popular product is our XTREME – 4000 MG Full Spectrum CBD. It has less than 0.3% percent of THC. And the certificate of analysis is on my website.

Gold Spectrum  XTREME – 4000 MG Full Spectrum CBD
Image via Gold Spectrum CBD website

What Method Of Extraction Do You Use For Your Cannabis Production? 

“We use Carbon Dioxide extraction or better known as CO2 extraction. And that is the most effective, and it gives you the most concentration of CBD. To be exact, it is 92% CBD concentration of the plant with this extraction method. With our method, you get more consistency with no toxic solvents. There is also no GMO, no pesticides, no heavy metals, no fungus or bacteria in it.”

How Do You Maintain Quality Control Of Your Products?

“We continue to grow. And quality control is one of our key principles. We have internal and external quality control, and use the best quality of American made hemp plants. We have a set of quality standards; review the results; get feedback, and make improvements as we continue in this new market. But we try we stay on top of controlling what’s in our products. If you want to deliver a great product, you must be on top of it and stay on top of it throughout the process. From the growing of the plant, all the way to the packaging.”

What Is The Company Culture Like At One Of The Most Successful CBD Companies?

“At Gold Spectrum, we are committed above all else to foster growth, passion, and better living through natural wellness. Our team is passionate about health and wellness. It is important to us that all of our team members practice what we preach.” 

A young lady with her Gold Spectrum CBD products
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Is There Anything You’re Working On Right Now That We At RMR Can Help With Spreading The Word?

“Yes. After I started Gold Spectrum a year and a half ago and seeing the benefits first hand, I was inspired to create some spa products. So my company is called Silk Bombs, CBD spa products. Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Mini Manicure Bombs, Mini Pedicure Bombs, Pedicure Salts, and all with CBD, of course! Our body absorbs everything in the bath. The salt, CBD oil, and relaxation. It’s really effective.”

Silk Bomb Icon
Image via Silk Bombs Website

Tell Me A Bit More About Yourself. What Are Your Passions And Life Philosophy?

“I am 49 years old, and I have two children. I came to the U.S. when I was thirteen with my mother and my brother. We arrived and lived with one of my aunts in a one-bedroom and one bathroom apartment with 18 other people. And my mother was working in the strawberry fields. And since then, I didn’t like it. I was not too fond of that kind of life. And I especially didn’t like seeing my mom working so hard. Since then, I have decided to start my own businesses. And I am proud to say I have owned quite a few successful businesses. And I continue to work really hard. Right now, I own three companies: Gold Spectrum CBD, Silk Bombs, and Annex Supplies, which is a wholesale packaging supply. 

Who Is The Woman Behind “Gold Spectrum”?

I continue to grow every day. I continue to learn new things. And my passion is to help other women. But especially single mothers. So my mother was a single mom. I was a single mom at a point. And it’s very hard. It isn’t easy because you carry the entire responsibility of your children. And if a mom is frustrated, the children will be frustrated, unfortunately. Then those children go out in life and are frustrated. That’s why our society, I believe, is pretty crazy right now. Women are at the center of the community. If a mother is relaxed and has what she needs to provide to her children, those children will be happy and go out into life and be satisfied. 

My passion would grow my Silk Bombs production company and be able to hire more women. I want a company of women only. And my philosophy is to encourage, to teach, and to motivate other women. But like I said, I want to raise up single mothers. Single mothers don’t have much help to get an education or to look for ways to grow to do better for your life and your children. I want a woman only company, and I think I’m going to get there.”

The Gold Spectrum

Yanet is one of many who see cannabis as a way to help people and improve their lives, possibly. Cannabis is a beautiful natural plant that could change lives. It transformed Yanet’s life for the better, and her future endeavors, business or personal, are looking bright. Please visit her website and if you happen to try her products, please give her a shout out on Instagram!

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