Washington’s i502 cannabis industry continues to be in desperate need of a marketing and distribution tier as stigmas persist and legal landscapes keep shifting. There is still a sizable rift between the producer/processor, the retailer, and the average consumer. It can be extremely difficult to keep retailers in-the-know about new products when the farm and production are time-consuming. Therefore, it’s vital to keep the connection between the producer/processor and the retailer strong. Goodiez Brands is working tirelessly to create this solution for the family of brands they support.

Goodiez Brands works directly with a network of Washington’s recreational retailers to streamline the process of distribution, marketing, advertising, sales, and promotion. They’re constantly working to bring newly-vetted brands into more stores. Marketing is always the first thing to suffer for a small or independent business when there are snags in daily operations. Goodiez Brands alleviates this pressure by properly pushing your brand and its products.

Goodiez Brands are truly giving the producer/processors the opportunity to focus on their craft. Since founding in 2018, they’ve brought fifteen brands into their prosperous family. In that same time, they’ve come to build strong relationships with several recreational shops. Some of these include American Mary, A Greener Today, Cannazone in Bellingham, and PRC in Arlington.

Goodiez Brands

Goodiez Brands Strengthens Marketing And Retailer Relationships For Their Brands During Coronavirus Crisis

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with one of their long-standing brands, Raven Grass, about how Goodiez Brands has helped them grow. The way that they act as an extension of their brands’ marketing teams properly represents the voice of each brand. This is because Goodiez only brings brands into their family that fit their values. These surround sustainable growing practices, independent and family-owned businesses, and highly passionate entrants into the industry.

Cinex by Raven Grass

Establishing The Relationship

Goodiez Brands initially reached out to Raven Grass to build the relationship. This is possibly the biggest testament to how closely their values align. Raven Grass produces a wide range of eco-conscious cannabis products. Everything including flower, cartridges, pre-rolls, Quill all-in-one vapes, and even body concentrate topicals.

Improving Daily Operations

The weight of widespread communication is an issue that many small, owner-operated farms are dealing with. Goodiez Brands came in to alleviate some of that weight. Owner/Creative Director, Nichole Graf, spoke on Raven Grass’ relationship with Goodiez and how they’ve gone on to make their job easier.

She said “with so many accounts carrying our products across the state, it was nearly impossible to be as communicative and tied into the nuanced relationships each account deserves.” Goodiez has essentially become the dream team working together to cover this ground for them. Nichole said that “has been the biggest asset to our business.”

Echoing Company Culture

It ultimately made sense for Goodiez to reach out to Raven Grass because their company values aligned so closely. “At Raven, we promote a culture of transparency,” Nichole said. “While Goodiez wasn’t aware of our full mission when they approached us, they share a vision for what we collectively hope the cannabis industry can achieve.”

She went on to say that they hope their relationship can set an “example for how businesses operate and communicate.” Raven Grass seeks to use its position as an independent/owner-operated cannabis business to educate consumers. Not “just about the kinds of products we produce, but also about the decisions we are making as a business.”

Goodiez Brands Strengthens Marketing And Retailer Relationships For Their Brands During Coronavirus Crisis

Noticeable Improvements

Nichole said that Goodiez Brands’ attentiveness to the industry has been proving favorable for them. She said their team “constantly has their ears to the ground.” She said they’re always “looking for new ways to be better partners to their brands.” She said the addition of Sara as Goodiez Brands’ Manager of Sales in 2019 was crucial. She said Sara brought a “fresh perspective, sharp eye, and discerning critic’s approach to sales.”

While keeping the harshest of critics in mind, Goodiez has the ability to bring a fresh perspective to any business. In the case of Raven Grass, Goodiez Brands’ team was able to strengthen their need for more “thoughtful delivery, explanation, and education than a typical cannabis brand.”

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