In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8,) Goodiez Naturals have made a powerful partnership in the PangeaSeed Foundation. This effort is meant to echo their heavy focus on supporting eco-friendly CBD and hemp brands. This international nonprofit organization acts at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our planet’s oceans. Science, Education, and ARTivism (S.E.A.) are the avenues in which they empower individuals and communities. The result is meaningful and effective environmental change within each community they visit.

Goodiez Naturals will be leveraging their e-commerce site to create seasonal campaigns that raise awareness and funds for marine conservation. To launch their partnership, Goodiez is hosting a “ten for ten” promotion. Patrons will receive 10% off their order as well as trigger a 10% donation to PangeaSeed Foundation by using code SEA20 at checkout.

This campaign will run through July 8th. In addition, customers will be given the opportunity to make additional donations to the organization by rounding up their orders. To accompany the fundraising efforts, six newsletters will go out over the next several weeks. Each of these will be promoting education and ways to take action for a healthier ocean.

As Goodiez expands their Goodiez Naturals CBD marketplace, it’s truly their goal to give back in their own unique ways. They want to introduce more recyclable plastics or materials into the packaging world of cannabis and CBD. They believe it is their responsibility as a business to do as much as they can for the customer and the environment.

As they grow into more of a national brand for CBD products, Goodiez Naturals hopes to work with brands everywhere. Their goal is to reduce the industry’s plastic consumption while embracing more sustainable materials across the supply chain. Their experience in distribution and marketing for the i502 market has given them a keen eye for quality and sustainable business practices.

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PangeaSeed Foundation’s Beginnings

The story of PangeaSeed Foundation’s inception is inspiring and incredible. They’ve grown over the last decade to become a truly impactful 501(c)(3). Their efforts take them around the globe to host passionate projects and create unique and evocative public art installations. The two founders, Tre’ and Akira, began their efforts in Japan as a shark conservation group.

As Tre’ traveled across Southeast Asia, he witnessed first-hand the dwindling populations of sharks. A compelling notion to dedicate himself to bringing much-needed awareness to their plight arose. He knew no one was advocating for shark conservation in Japan at the time. Out of the blue, he began reaching out to artists and threw the first event in 2009. The immediate response from artists and the public was outstanding. After hosting numerous events in California, PangeaSeed Foundation relocated to Hawaii, officially becoming a 501(c)(3) in 2014.

Sea Walls: Artists For Oceans

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is Pangeased Foundation’s public art program that has curated calculably impactful public art projects to bring the ocean into the streets through larger-than-life murals. Since the program’s establishment in 2014, they have curated over 400 murals in 17 countries. Sea Walls’ flagship activations, of which they host about four per year, take 12-18 months of planning and feature 10-15 artists each.

Once a project goes live, it lasts about 10 days. It culminates in the completion of a location-specific ocean-minded public art “gallery.” These in turn create a lasting, conscious art walk that livens up public spaces. Paired with a series of public events such as film screenings, panel discussions, and youth workshops, Sea Walls projects help to build community around the common cause of protecting our oceans. 

Sea Walls completely took off and has been one of PangeaSeed Foundation’s biggest and most successful programs to-date. They’ve been able to do this in part thanks to the generosity and willingness of hundreds of world-class contemporary artists. They’re endlessly grateful for each artist’s contribution of time and talent to the program. Additionally, they often take these projects to remote areas where they’ve empowered local communities to feel a sense of ownership and pride for their natural resources, and to speak up for what cannot speak for itself.

They’ll come back to these areas and find a hard time locating a free wall because the local community will absorb the art and begin adding their own. Over the last eight years, they’ve put together one of the most inspiring, educational, and diverse catalog of art that they’re able to further raise funds for these projects with.

Expanding Their Efforts

PangeaSeed Foundation began as a grassroots, arts-based shark conservation organization. Then broadening their scope to tackle challenges the ocean faces as a whole, PangeaSeed Foundation now focuses on six key issues. These are overfishing, plastic use, warming seas, ocean acidification, coastal development, and biodiversity loss. 

A look around their website will educate you much further on every impactful effort they’re taking. Each one globally addresses the need for protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

The core values of the PangeaSeed Foundation ring through on everything they strive to do to protect our planet and its oceans. The SEED in their name stands for Sustainability, Education, Ecology, and Design. PangeaSeed Foundation promotes global connectivity over the shared love of the planet we inhabit and the desire to keep it sustainable and thriving.

In regards to their collaboration with Goodiez Naturals, there’s really nothing like it happening right now. A CBD company and an international nonprofit organization have never come together in such a way to promote products and a story that’s so authentic and heartfelt.

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