There isn’t much of a better, or more classic cannabis strain to cuddle-up indoors with than the Grape Ape strain. A predominantly indica strain, it’s said to be a cross between Skunk, Afghani, and Mendocino Purps. This is the kind of strain that people have been turning to for potentially carefree, and amply relaxing effects. Many users report that it may lend aid to soothing pain, anxiety, or stress. Unsurprisingly, the flower typically shows off varying purple hues and reeks of sweet, grapey, floral terpenes.

The THC levels with the Grape Ape strain aren’t incredibly high. It’s usually hitting just below 19%, but the terpenes are where it shines. Looking at a nug, you’ll notice a menacing purple color in the foliage. Interwoven into that are dark, earthy green dense buds. Even the pistils typically show darker coloration. Depending on the cultivar, the flower may show greener than purple colors, and it may also give off stronger piney notes in this case.

The three dominant terpenes in this strain explain it all. Myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene come together to create a truly aromatic, sweet, floral, and piney terpene profile. The myrcene is responsible for the largely floral and sweet notes of this strain, while the pinene and caryophyllene offer a veritable kick of spice, musk, and pine trees. Both pinene and caryophyllene potentially boast anti-inflammatory effects. 

Grape Ape by NUG (Image via Leafly)

Users often report that this strain has the potential to create a euphoric, yet deep relaxation. Some reach for it claiming that it may relieve bodily pain, stress, and potentially help you fall asleep. Its grape-like smell in tandem with the THC creates a high that many claim is a powerful tool to potentially wind down with after a long day.

Find The Grape Ape Strain In Washington & California

If you’re stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic, consider these cannabis brands producing potent Grape Ape strains in either CA or WA. In Washington, you can find some tasty Grape Ape from Mad Mark. In California, NUG and Heavy Hitters can provide you with enjoyable cultivations or concentrates of the notorious strain.

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