The Vaporizer market is an ever-growing entity. There are a wide range available, all of which have their own traits and characteristics. Each vaporizer is designed with a particular customer in mind, some prefer the portable vape pens while some the bulkier, more powerful desktop vaporizers. The Grasshopper Vaporizer slots into the vape pen category where competition is extremely tough. With most vape pens or portable vaporizers, it is normally concentrates or resins which are used with very few of them having dry herb capabilities.

While there are numerous portable vaporizers out there which are designed for dry herb, there are none with the sleek portability of the Grasshopper. With the Cannabis community growing by the day and popularity in the legalization revolution getting stronger it comes as no surprises that there are companies trying to take advantage of this. Within a market where competition is strong it becomes very important to have a product which sets yours apart from the rest. In this article, we will dissect the Grasshopper vaporizer to find out exactly what it is that has this vaporizer rising through the ranks.


The design team behind the Grasshopper are responsible for developing one of the most attractive vaporizers yet. Considering we don’t have universal legalization, discreteness is a key characteristic when it comes to portable vaporizers. While reputation, power and all-around usability may sway you towards a more well known and trusted model like the Mighty,
you aren’t able to camouflage a Mighty like you would with a Grasshopper. Built using the highest quality titanium, the Grasshopper is genuinely a very nice piece to look at and hold. It is designed with portability in mind and that is evident. Resembling a pen, and complete with a clip, to the naked eye you would genuinely believe it had ink inside. The Grasshopper is an excellent example of how portability need not sacrifice quality. Only 140 mm in height, the Grasshopper makes it possible to vape dry herb in the most discreet fashion using a vape pen.


When it comes to power, vape pens are usually left behind by some of the bulkier portable vaporizers like the Boundless CFX or the Mighty. The Grasshopper Vaporizer possesses power which can only be rivaled by a Desktop vaporizer. Using a 45-watt heater to cook the materials, the unit can heat up in just 5 seconds, perfect for a fast hit on the go. A 5-second heat up time is unheard of in the vaporizer world and while you would expect this to have its negative effects it actually hasn’t many. While overuse will result in the unit getting hot, it doesn’t get too hot to handle. The Battery life is naturally going to suffer when the components are as powerful as they are. With a more powerful heating mechanism in place, sacrifices must be made to avail of such high speed, high-quality vapor.


Every vaporizer hitting the market these days have their own features that sets them apart. With each manufacturer competing to design the highest quality model, with the most favorable traits it comes to no surprise to see so many strange and unique designs becoming available. The Grasshopper vaporizer is a unit which is quickly becoming famed for this with a range of features, designed to make your vaping experience as optimal as possible. A feature which I thought was particularly impressive was the charger connection.

To charge your unit you simply connect the magnetic charger to the top of your piece where it slots in beautifully. While not exactly affecting your vapor it is still a pretty modern design which is certain to impress most. The way in which the Grasshopper vape is turned on is just like the way you would click a pen. When turned on the unit’s LED lights will turn red until the set temperature is reached. When reached it turns to blue and you can begin drawing from your vaporizer. Using a convection style of heating the Grasshopper vaporizer ensures you have the most even heating throughout the chamber while also ensuring highly flavored vapor. The temperature gauge suffers slightly in comparison to the rest of the model, is situated beside the power button but only has four settings. While not difficult to change, the temperatures jump massively between settings and can be a bit of a nuisance finding the temperature you want.


While there are many vaporizers more expensive and many cheaper alternatives, the Grasshopper fits nicely in the middle. Being a vape pen designed solely for dry herb, it is a
less common kind of vaporizer than most, therefore, giving it the edge in its section of the market. Available for as little as $225, the Grasshopper vaporizer is an affordable portable vaporizer whose reputation is continuously growing. Very few vaporizer manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee with their products however with Grasshopper you can rest easy. The way I look at the guarantee offered is a reflection of the confidence the people building it have in their product. Considering the replaceable battery, the unit itself, once cleaned properly and maintained, the price should definitely be worth it in the long run.

Overall the groundbreaking designs associated with the Grasshopper vaporizer help us to gain a greater understanding of why it is becoming as popular as it is. It’s convection style heating, short vapor path and high powered heat up, all contribute to a highly potent vapor. While the piece may overheat sometimes, a silicon mouthpiece is provided to combat this, however, if you still feel the mouthpiece to be uncomfortably hot try using a water bong or rig to cool the vapor down. The design, power and the wide array of funky features associated with the Grasshopper vaporizer are swiftly making it one of the most well known and reputable dry herb vape pens on the market.