The Greenhouse Collective is a one of a kind cannabis boutique located in Lompoc, California. The founder and owner, Laura Bonet, had a vision for a cannabis club where women could freely explore cannabis while addressing issues surrounding women’s specific needs and concerns when they entered her dispensary.

She created Lompoc’s first-ever canna boutique and its popularity has grown since it first began offering legal cannabis back in August 2019.

“I wanted to open a store that was very friendly for women to come in and talk about what they need. “

– Laura Bonet – Respect My Region Interview
The logo for the Greenhouse Collective. A Purple pot leaf in a purple diamond.

The Greenhouse Collective

What is a canna boutique, you may be wondering? It’s an informative yet sleek dispensary with many onsite features. Many are directed towards women and those similarly seeking aid for feminine issues. The shop features only the best and natural cannabis products hand-selected by pros.

The Greenhouse Collective, A.K.A The Valley of Flowers is located in the chic yet historic Old Town Lompoc. This area is quite popular and a central part of the community where everyone feels welcome.

Besides the great location, this dispensary has two entrances, one public and one private. The private entrance is a nod to the store’s boutique style, offering customers 1-on-1 consultations via appointments.

This was designed in mind for the privacy of customers who like to discuss their cannabis needs comfortably. Discretion and service are deep-rooted in this dispensary repertoire–but where did it all originate?

Laura Bonet & Her Cannabis Journey

Laura Bonet is a woman of many talents. She originally worked as a registered nurse from Florida her whole life. Until one day, when her brother reached out to her and asked for her help running his dispensary. She spent 6 years perfecting the store while spending time with the community and learning about their interests surrounding cannabis. Once she got a taste of the dispensary life, she never went back.

She values caring professional service paired with the best affordable cannabis products money can buy. This is the center of her business philosophy for the Greenhouse Collective.

However, as a 43-year-old professional who has smoked cannabis for years, she realized that there wasn’t really a place for women like her to go and feel comfortable selecting cannabis for their particular needs. She knew more women out there needed an outlet to feel secure and safe since marijuana use still carries some stigma.

Laura envisioned a place where a highly trained staff can offer you the best handpicked products for your needs while answering all manner of questions related to cannabis.

After all, she insists she is a nurse first and foremost in her life. With that reasoning, Bonet understands how important quality and properly tested cannabis products are to her community. Not all products are created equal and what you put into your body is truly essential to your health.

Handpicked Cannabis Products For You To Love

One of the Greenhouse’s standards to admire is their love of fresh and trendy products, all handpicked by the owner.

Bonet has been in the cannabis game before it was recreational and has cultivated many relationships throughout her career. From budtenders to owners, farms, distribution, and packaging centers, she likes to communicate with each person at every level in the game. The in-depth knowledge she possesses and uses to help her community make her canna boutique remarkably educational.

The operational hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week. Monday through Sunday, you’ll be able to speak to Laura and her impressive staff for anything you might consider for yourself.

The store products are high quality and fairly priced. More affordable outdoor flowers are available when it’s in season, accompanying the state’s various premier cannabis items that are trendy and popular. Those usually come with a higher price tag but there is always something for everyone on every budget.

The boutique staff are mostly women and offer a perspective that you can’t find anywhere else in Lompoc. If you’re looking for exceptional service with great deals alongside an alluring decorative storefront, this is the place for you.

Laura Bonet and her staff at the GreenHouse Collective.

As a woman with a special connection to cannabis, I hope to see more places take the same route as Ms. Bonet. Women and cannabis go well together if you know how to create that connection.

Check out the Greenhouse Collective’s website and their Instagram to find out more about Laura’s canna boutique!

For more information about products that are available at her store, check out the official Respect My Region reviews we have listed below.

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Golden State Banana 3.5G Flower Eighth

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