The Grenade infused pre-roll from Napalm Cannabis Co. redefines its product category as “the flex piece of all flex pieces”. The premiere product from West-Coast rapper Xhibit’s brand aims to disrupt the legal marketplace; doing just that with it’s impossible to ignore packaging, monster sized joint, and premium flower.

In this West Coast Weed Tour Review, Influencer Cannabiscapes and Respect My Region’s Joey Brabo find out if The Grenade actually lives up to its explosive hype. 

First Impressions

The price of The Grenade can be intimidating at $150, however its clear that this product is a luxury item. Firstly, the pre-roll comes packaged in a Napalm custom glass grenade jar, complete with a handle and pin.

The enormous joint comfortably houses seven grams of premium indoor cannabis flower with one gram of live resin. Additionally, the pre-roll comes wrapped around a ceramic mouthpiece with special Lift Tickets papers infused with live resin. In other words, you could practically get high just looking at this thing. 

After lighting up the Blue Tomyz strain, Brabo immediately notices the ease of smoking through the ceramic tip; going as far as to say it has the nicest mouthpiece of anything he’s ever smoked.

As far as flavor, the joint gives off an extremely creamy taste with hints of berry throughout. The subtle flavors leave the smoker with a delicious experience. The infused pre-roll burns evenly and rips smoothly, without the pain of a harsh smoke. Cannabiscapes and Brabo both agree that The Grenade is an extremely impressive product.

a photo of the 8 gram napalm grenade preroll joint


While the experience of smoking this infused pre-roll is stellar, what’s especially impressive about The Grenade is its off the charts use of branding. Napalm goes above and beyond with the design of this product.

The customer gains both a memorable experience for smoking and a package they can re-use to store more cannabis once the joint is gone. The only thing missing from this product is more complete information on the genetics of the strain. However, even that doesn’t take away from the quality of this product. Cannabiscapes and Brabo both thoroughly enjoyed smoking this product.

According to Cannabiscapes The Grenade is “for the right occasion, for the right group, for the right reason to celebrate…”

With holiday season coming up, this may be the perfect product to gift to your friends. The taste, color, appeal, smoke, potency and overall experience of the product is on point, leaving two smokers to give The Grenade a high score at a 8.9 out of 10. Check out the full review below to see Cannabiscapes and Brabo smoke this bomb of a pre-roll. 

If you don’t feel like watching, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products reviewed on the WCWT are also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

97%Overall Score
More Information95%
Would You Recommend100%