West Coast legend Xzibit has placed his formal stake into California’s recreational cannabis industry with his Napalm Cannabis Co. Xzibit recently spoke with Respect My Region, commenting that: “we’re bringing the best elements of the cannabis industry into one place and creatively distributing into the marketplace.” The premier product from Xzibit and his Napalm Cannabis Co. is their Grenade 8g infused pre-roll.

With the intent of bringing something disruptive into the legal marketplace, the Grenade accomplishes that goal flawlessly. Even looking at the Grenade, you can tell it’s going to leave a lasting impression. The monster of a pre-roll comes housed in an extremely ornate glass grenade-shaped jar, enticing you to pull the pin.

What’s inside is even crazier; seven grams of premium indoor cannabis flower with one gram of live-resin mixed in and then rolled into special papers from Lift Tickets. The papers from Lift Tickets come infused with potent live-resin terpenes that make for an extra delicious dose of flavor. The glass tip at the end of the pre-roll ensures that you’ll be able to taste the cornucopia of terps.

The Grenade Goes Viral

Already an arguable celebrity in its own rite, the Grenade 8g pre-roll made its debut on Wiz Khalifa’s Livestream. The viral #KushUpChallenge was the perfect organic stage for the Grenade to make a bang. When Xzibit got on and took ten consecutive rips of the behemoth pre-roll it sent the internet into an uproar. So much so that the Grenade has been selling out almost immediately after any product drops. This has been the case for locations like Dr. Greenthumb’s.

The Grenade 8g pre-roll has already gotten praise from fellow celebrity stoners such as Snoop Dogg, Scott Storch, and PNB Rock. What Xzibit is also delivering the legal cannabis market other than a seriously luxurious product, is affordability.

The Grenade is going out the door for $150. Considering it contains seven grams of flower cultivated by Wonderbrett, as well as a gram of live-resin from an award-winning company, it’s a killer deal. Especially considering the fact that a gram of live-resin alone from one of the premier California companies is usually running $75 or more.

Cookies Collaboration

Xzibit has the ability as an entertainment mogul to tap into his vast network and produce exclusive products for Napalm. The most recent being a 4/20 collaboration he did with fellow West Coast legend, Berner, and his Cookies brand. Xzibit is striving to package up his favorite California cannabis into one simple and affordable luxury experience. 

X had the exclusive drop on these Grenades with Berner at all of the Cookies locations for 4/20 while supplies last. Simultaneously, he kept in step with his organic and viral marketing ploys by promoting his feature on the title track of Berner and B-Real’s joint album, Los Meros, that came out on April 17th. With this kind of power, there’s no limit to the type of brands X and Napalm can bring together under his own brand.

Our Review

Our team was able to review The Grenade from Napalm Cannabis on our 2020 West Coast Weed Tour. Check out the candid video review below.

Just Mary

If you’re unable to locate Napalm’s products at a physical location, consider his new delivery service, Just Mary. They’re currently servicing the San Fernando Valley area, and carry all of the Napalm Cannabis Co. products. These include all-in-one disposables, full gram cartridges, and the crazy Grenade 8g pre-roll.

Just Mary is even offering free delivery to all their customers. In addition to Napalm’s products, you can find a connoisseur’s selection of pre-rolled joints, flower, concentrates, and branded accessories.

Xzibit Talks Launching New Cannabis Company, Creating An 8G Pre-Roll And Launching The Just Mary Delivery Service In Exclusive Interview

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