30 Deep Grimeyy been defining the sounds of underground hype rap throughout 2019. Now in 2020 Grimeyy 2 Society proves his claim to the throne of rising rappers. Singles like “Remember” already proved the quality of this project, but every track has its strengths.

From a Maxo Kream feature to the obvious inclusion of NWC Murdaa, this project is absolutely stacked. Allow me to dive into some of my favorite tracks off of this unapologetic release.

“Drill Lessons”

“Drill Lessons” features one of the most aggressive STL beats and Grimeyy at his barkiest. The atmosphere thick with blood and drugs progresses into a smooth dance between competence and a villainous drive. Bar for bar Grimeyy keeps his authentic drawl snapping throughout the entire list. Perhaps the best track off the project, it’s a great introduction into the world of 30 Deep.

GRIMEYY 2 SOCIETY: STL Can't Contain The Fire 30 Deep Grimeyy Started

“Like The Mud”

“Like the Mud” gets into the real spitting behind Grimeyy’s life. As his work ethic has shown, Grimeyy isn’t idolizing the rapper life. He’s had his own real jobs for most of his life, and he consistently raps about getting his mom out of the hood. While these songs are built of the knowledge only the streets can offer, they’re not promising something that isn’t there.

“Trust Issues”

For those who dig 30 Deep, they know Grimeyy, and they know Murdaa. Whenever the Splash Bros get together they make fire. While Grimeyy is maybe most famous for his hype projects, both Murdaa and Grimeyy can get deep. “Trust Issues” is one of those catchy, vulnerable songs that talk about life in a way party rappers are often afraid to approach.

The Last Project as Honest as Grimeyy 2 Society was Murda Cee Wrote

GRIMEYY 2 SOCIETY: STL Can't Contain The Fire 30 Deep Grimeyy Started

While many of these tracks are meant to shake speakers, some tracks go past the hype. “Emotions” is one of the most touching examples of melodic rap, where Grimeyy’s voice isn’t able to become completely clean, but he reaches something approaching a beautiful tonality.

Far from an exception on Grimeyy 2 Society, both “Michael Grimeyy Jackson” and “Missed Calls” further the emotional reach of Grimeyy, and his stylistic variety. There is no missing this project. Buy it anywhere. It’s probably my favorite project of the summer.

30 Deep Grimeyy – Grimeyy 2 Society

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