Maxo Kream has been seriously out here putting on the Freshmen. He recently linked up with STL’s 30 Deep Grimeyy to give us “HANDICAP CRIP.” Bar-for-bar the whole track is filled with some of the thickest lines as every space in the instrumental is super violated by Maxo only to leave the track open for 30 Deep Grimeyy to close up.

“Fuck a drive-by I’m parking, yea” Maxo spits on this track like a mob boss. Man hasn’t seemed this fit in years. Back in 2018, he was still establishing his sound with tracks like “ROACHES”, but now Maxo’s flow is as classic as any other. His confidence has been earned, and the video for “HANDICAP CRIP” is reminiscent of the energy of Gibb’sBFK“. The Midwest is on a serious come-up.

Once Grimeyy hits the track he’s there to prove his weight. Every line is packed into the beat showing Grimeyy’s ability to beat any instrumental into shape. His appearance in the video contains his trademark energy, somewhere between a dancing mascot and your fucking nightmare. 

The track itself has a cool instrumental that blows the block out. Smooth as sliding through fresh snow, the pacing carries through the entire banger leaving almost no room to breathe. Those who memorize this dense track are gonna have a whole exercise cut out for them. “HANDICAP CRIP” is some of the dirtiest waves in the game right now. 

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