Have a Heart’s Fremont location is arguably one of the city’s best kept ‘secrets’. Since tourists don’t need to travel into this area for cannabis, this location hasn’t been extremely busy during any of our visits. Every time we’ve been, the vibe has been perfect for us locals looking for a more intimate shopping experience.

The Have a Heart team has spent 5+ years developing a strong reputation for providing the best selection of medical & recreational marijuana products.

Located on the on the same block as a 7-11 gas station and across the street from a taco truck, this shop has everything we need either inside, or around the corner. It is also just 1-2 blocks away from Nectar Lounge, Fremont Studios & Fremont Foundry, which makes this particular location the ideal shop to visit when we are attending events nearby.

Although they are technically still new to the area, Have a Heart brings years of experience that has helped to create many new relationships here in our state’s cannabis industry. After reading through a few pages of customer reviews on their Leafly profile, it is clear that the majority of customers believe this store to be one of Seattle’s best.

Respect My Region has visited numerous times and believes it is important to mention which ‘trusted brands’ are consistently offered.

For our team, Have a Heart’s menu offers cannabis products from ten different brands that we have chosen to purchase over and over again. The brands we trust & recommend include: Clandestine Gardens, Western Cultured, Gold Leaf, OG Farms, Artizen Cannabis, Royal Tree Gardens, Pioneer Nuggets, Sticky Budz, Xtracted Labs, Avitas, and last but not least, Dama.

All of these companies have quality products that will not let you down. If you are looking to share a few of those “oh wow” moments with your friends and family we recommend the Raspberry Chocolate Granola Bites from Northwest Cannabis Solution. They are great for hikes, especially when you need that extra little “boost” while exploring the Pacific Northwest.

For all the dabbers out there, we recommend the 9lb hammer x Strawberry Cough from Clandestine Gardens. The flavor is out of this world and the THC tests at 77%.

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On social media, you can find Have a Heart on every major social network. The most up-to-date information gets posted to Facebook and Leafly. Speaking with their team has always been friendly and they’ve been knowledgeable whenever we’ve had questions or concerns.

Daily hours run from 9 am to 10 pm on Monday and Tuesday, and from 9 am to 11:45 pm Wednesdays through Sunday. For more information, we suggest contacting them by phone at (206) 632-7126.

Have a Heart Fremont: A Place To Shop And Not Feel Overwhelmed