Get your mind in the gutter for this one, Swedish producer Helax got the inspiration for his track “Tell Me, Tell Me” from his walked down Hamburg’s harbor at night. And of course, it’s red-light district (strip clubs). Writing and recording a full EP in a cheap motel room located on the main avenue of all of this. The four-track EP also titled Tell Me, Tell Me were directly inspired by the hedonistic night light. As well as the calm, aimless walks down the harbor. Watching freights and sailors from all over the world. Helax eventually returned home to Berlin where he is based right now where he put the final touches on his project.

Like the rest of the EP, it’s focus track “Tell Me, Tell Me” is a stimulating dance-y vibe with melancholic undertones. Ensnaring the listener and bringing them into the red light distric’s atmosphere. A complementary of the cerebral and the instinctual as Helax likes to call it. Drunk on the confusing cocktail of turmoil and pleasure. A deep track resonating with those who dance loneliness away with nowhere left to run.

Helax – “Tell Me, Tell Me”

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