If you’re involved in the Washington cannabis or music markets and you’re not familiar with Scott Mckinley, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last half a decade. The music and marijuana mogul has been etching his name into both industries while providing opportunities for musicians along the way. After making a splash with Cavigold Records and Caviar Gold cannabis in Washington, Mckinley is stepping out on his own with a new music and cannabis venture, Hi-Tunes Distribution.

What started as a love for music has transformed into not only a career path for Mckinley but revenue opportunities for hundreds of musicians as well. Mike Brunson, founder of Caviar Gold, partnered with Scott on starting the Cavigold record label.

The premise was simple, a desire to do music at a high level for a living, and a need to fund it. Caviar Gold, one of the most potent medical cannabis brands to ever see market, became a means to pay to play in the record industry. The brand built a state of the art recording facility in Los Angeles, worked with Seattle’s Hempfest for numerous years in a row, and has grabbed press attention at every turn.

Sadly like all good things, Caviar Gold has come to end. The dab infused, kief rolled buds and joints may be no more, but the hustle behind the brand lives on. Caviar Gold is moving on to make a national CBD play and Mckinley chose to double down and invest in himself.

Enter Hi-Tunes Distribution, a first of it’s kind  that is bound to shake up the cannabis industry. Customers don’t just receive potent buds when they purchase a Hi-Tunes pre-rolled joint, they also receive free music. Each joint tube has it’s own unique QR code that offers a free download once scanned on your smartphone.

Hi-Tunes isn’t just a brand, it’s more of a solution to multiple problems. The music industry has taken financial hits from music streaming, especially the independent musician. The cannabis industry has enormous marketing holes due to the nature of legislation and marijuana remaining on the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance list. Facebook and other social media players insist they remain “natural” on the topic, but it appears that isn’t much of the case.

Cannabis brands simply need help with marketing and musicians could use alternative revenues streams. Now, thanks to Hi-Tunes, there are new opportunities in the world of weed and select musicians have access to a new kind of branded merchandise to sell to their fans.

Hi-Tunes Distribution

Check out the Hi-Tunes Distribution website here.


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