The Sacramento California stoners Kevin and Jeff Saurer are the genius minds behind the iconic electronic group, Hippie Sabotage. Between creating new music and going on tour this duo can definitely be seen with a joint in their hands and music in their hearts. With their latest album out now Red Moon Rising, and releasing their first cannabis collaboration on their new Devil Eyes OG hybrid pre-roll, these brothers stay buzzed and busy.

Hippie Sabotage has been dipping their toes into the cannabis market, and they are more than qualified to do a killer job recommending great bud. With Red Moon Rising having heavy cannabis influences on tracks like, “1000 Blunts” and “Whiskey,” it’s obvious that marijuana brought some creativity and inspiration to this album. In this exclusive Respect My Region interview with Hippie Sabotage, we talk all things cannabis-related. From music inspiration, creating the Devil Eyes OG pre-roll, sharing classic stoner stories, and what’s next for the electronic-stoner duo.

Cannabis & Music

*This Interview was edited for clarity*

You’ve just released your latest album Red Moon Rising. Your track “1000 Blunts” is the perfect chill stoner anthem, was this track born from a chill smoke sesh? Or were you already planning on creating a mellow stoner song for this album?

All of our music is better enhanced by marijuana. We definitely smoked 1,000 blunts recording this album so it just made sense.

Being 916 natives you guys were born into one of the best places for cannabis to thrive. Do you guys stand by the fact that California has the best tree? Or have you also been impressed by the cannabis culture in other states while on tour?

California has the best tree by far.  That’s just facts!  With that being said, we will smoke and test out any cannabis products that we can get our hands on.  We have had some good experiences on tour and some bad ones too! 

You have said in the past that marijuana is a great source of inspiration for creating music, what’s the perfect stoner situation that has brought inspiration into creating your sound? Do you mellow out with your Devil Eyes pre-roll and just let the creativity flow?

We spent a lot of time rolling up and listening to our music on the cliffs of San Diego.  We’ve probably smoked 1,000 of the Devil Eyes OG joints too – in fact, we just ran out again. We need to do another drop soon!

You guys have played at music festivals all over the country. With cannabis and music being major inspirations in your lives, would you consider playing for weed based events like the National Cannabis Festival?

We would love to play weed-based events. We would Light It Up! HAHA 

Hippie Sabotage’s Own Cannabis Strain

Between releasing your latest album and venturing into the cannabis industry you’ve now released your signature Devil Eyes OG pre-roll. What was the process behind picking this hybrid pre-roll? Did you guys have any conflict on picking the perfect strain?

Coming from Northern California, we decided to venture into the cannabis industry because it felt like the right thing to do. We smoke so much that we wanted to curate an experience for our fans. Our partners at Flower Records helped us find the right strain so that we could provide our fans an extra boost while listening to our music.

Who would you guys pick to be in your perfect stoner circle?

Barack Obama, Cheech & Chong, Willie Nelson, Steve Jobs, Bronny James.

Every OG stoner has a few memorable stories from the past. Any funny stoner stories you guys want to share with the fans?

I can’t remember every memorable story, because there are way too many.  And a lot of the stories are kind of hazy, but we definitely had a lot of fun booking the wrong Smoking Tour Boat in Amsterdam.  We definitely thought we were going on a SmokingTour Boat with all these trippy light shows.  We even brought our camera to shoot a video.  Turns out, we booked the wrong boat when we saw the real lightshow boat pass us by.  Luckily, we were high and not as bummed about it. We now know for next time though!

What’s next for Hippie Sabotage? Will you continue to collaborate with cannabis companies and branch out with new strains? Or are you guys focusing your energy onto continuing your tour and music?

We partnered with Flower Records for all of our cannabis needs.  We are currently working on a new drop for Devil Eyes OG.  Flower Records is working on expanding our distribution into other states like Colorado & Michigan. We perform in so many places and we want to be able to offer Devil Eyes in any place that we perform where it is legal.

Find Hippie Sabotage’s Cannabis Strain

Devil Eyes OG Pre-roll

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