UnitedMasters and Hit-Boy have created a new marketplace for producers called Beat Exchange. The new marketplace is a new spot for producers to share their music. It encourages both artists and producers to collaborate with one another. This includes buying and selling instrumentals while creating a resource for producers to share their sounds with the world.

Hit-Boy. Image from hype beat.com

Hit-Boy is supporting the new Beat Exchange community with the new launch. He’s providing instrumentals to collaborate with other artists as an active producer in the marketplace. Over the past ten years, he’s worked with the top award-winning artists in the music industry. Artist names include Big Sean, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, etc. As he continuously builds his career, Hit-Boy is discovering new outlets for his music with the latest collaboration.

Hit-Boy “Back In Traffic”

UnitedMasters is branching out with new endeavors. Founded in 2017 the music distribution company has seen notable success in a little under five years. As reported by HipHopDX, United Masters allows producers to reach up to 1.5 million artists with their instrumentals. They also provide the option for producers to monetize their music with a variety of media outlets. The music distribution company has a reported net worth of 550 million dollars in a recent assessment.

Beat Exchange lets people customize their search to be highly specific. Doing this allows producers to be discovered. Only time will tell how Beat Exchange will grow and develop. There is already a wide range of online resources available to producers. It will be interesting to see how Beat Exchange fits into the various music industry communities over the upcoming years.

The marketplace encourages and supports collaboration. With the new launch, both artists and producers will be able to connect in a unique way. It’s a resource that should be known to any artist and producer looking to connect with their sound.