The Honey Bun strain is a newer, extremely loud cultivar from Cookies that has been picking up popularity. By crossing the Gelatti with the Honey B, you end up with a hoppy, sweet-smelling strain that might cheer you up just by taking a whiff. The swirl of sweet, pastry-like aromas with its overarching acrid gas make this strain smell and look like it means business. Smoking on some of the Honey Bun might put you into a godly realm of pleasure and relaxation. 

Looking at the nugs, it’s no surprise that the Honey Bun strain is hitting so hard. Beautiful, rich green and purple hues create a quilt-like unity underneath the snow-white trichome layer. The pistils have an earthy orange color to them and wriggle in-between the cracks of the calyxes. The trichome layer is so dense that it immediately makes your fingers sticky upon touch. On the nose, there will be intense hoppy smells that blend in a pleasing way with a lemony sweetness. Breaking a nug open, you’ll notice more dark and purple colors and a more potent lavender-like spice.

If you dive deep into the genetic lineage of the Honey Bun strain you’ll get an idea of what kind of terps we’re talking here. The three dominant terpenes in this strain might be humulene, limonene, and linalool. This combination of terpenes is somewhat uncommon and amounts to an extremely diverse aromatic and flavor profile. 

Honey Bun Strain by Cookies

Image via @cookiesenterprises

Humulene is also found in hops and has a woody earthiness that may pose anti-inflammatory effects. Limonene is a zesty, lemony terp that is known for potentially quelling anxiety, stress, and perking up your mood. The floral, lavender and spicy notes from the linalool should potentially help bring further relaxation and stress relief. 

After taking a couple of rips off of the Honey Bun strain, the hype makes sense. It hits hard and might immediately wash away any worries or troubles ailing you. The smoke should come across spicier. You’ll find sweet notes lingering on the tongue and the pastry-like earthy flavors coming up on the exhale. Those looking for the classically euphoric, then intoxicatingly sedative highs that finish off your day, this might be it. The Honey Bun strain might also be great for muscle pain relief if you live a pretty active lifestyle.

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